I had just ordered lunch at a small and exquisite restaurant in downtown New York, when I saw a woman passing me, wearing the most wonderful pair of pants. Right after her came a gentleman who was wearing amazing pants as well, paired with a very elegant blazer. When he turned around I noticed that he bore a striking resemblance to Stefano Pilati, the creative director of YSL. I only caught a short glimpse of him but I was 99% sure it was him, and although I was completely starstruck I knew I had to take his picture.

While I sat there paralyzed, trying to pick up the courage walk over and say hi, they left. Finally I snapped out of it and I managed to track them down outside the restaurant. I asked them if I could please take their picture for my blog, and they smiled and looked at each other and said “Yeah, of course!”.

I asked the woman who had made her pants (even if I recognized the fabric from the YSL summer collection from miles away), and she said they were designed by a designer named Stefano Pilati. “Aha! So it is you!”, I said and presented myself, and told him it was an honor to meet him. They were both so sweet and friendly, and their looks were so inspiring – him with his blazer together with the slouchy pants and the fabric around his waist, and her with her amazing overalls pants in jersey fabric. J’aime!
Edit: Her name is Melanié Ward, I have seen her name many times and love her work but did not know how she looked like.

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  1. Nancy

    I saw this picture in Russh magazine (Issue 32). This is how I found out about your blog. You have such lovely pictures and a gorgeous style.