Ms. Mix-a-Lot

Hanne Gaby rocks a 90’s look with her sweet elfish hairdo fresh out of Valentino haute couture. Beautiful!

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38 Responses to “Ms. Mix-a-Lot”

  1. Ella

    I know that the phrase ‘model-off-duty style’ is a hideous cliche, but if this doesn’t just epitomise it then I don’t know what could!
    No makeup, hair pinned up, effortlessly cool casual pieces… The whole look is nonchalantly chic and just highlights the fact that Hanne can wear no make-up and throw on a cropped sweater and look like an elfin dream, whereas most mere mortals would just look a bit scruffy. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to discover your blog, It’s most definitely a new favourite. X


  2. Irene

    You know, there is something specail about her simple outfit. She’s catching the essence of personal style

  3. Sushi

    Very 90’s, and I love the last one you posted too x Sushi

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  4. lucia

    very 90s with the ying and yang. Shae is right not a lot of people could pull this look off but she really does in a cute quirky way

  5. Lucas

    I love the yin yang necklace and the top. Clothes are so powerful that they can truly make you feel like you are in any era and let you relive cherished feelings or memories you may have from that time in your life.