To be wide and short is usually not a good thing, but it has worked out beautifully for this Peter Jensen dress. It’s so wide that it could fit three of me, but the short length makes it work.  The bag is by Mulberry, boots by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony and pastel blue nail polish by Chanel.

Update: Underneath the dress I’m wearing my favorite undergarment – A nude minidress-tank with a little lace at the bottom by Raquel Allegra.

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119 Responses to “WIDE AND SHORT”

  1. Amanda

    You are such an inspiration! I am so glad I have finally found your blog, my new obsession!!!

  2. sophielamodeuse

    Your dress is gorgeous, and you are pretty, it’s always a pleasure to read your post ! and congrats for Vogue 😉 <3

  3. Kathrine Gulla

    kan du vise nærmere bilde av tatoveringen din? elsker bloggen din!

  4. T.

    Wow, this looks amazing on you! And maybe it’s an weird question, but what are you wearing underneath the dress (because it’s see through)?

  5. Thea

    looove this outfit!

    I’m just wondering what kind of makeup do you use? your skin always look so perfect!

  6. Maria

    You look lovely. I’ve actually meet you once in Stockholm in the store, where I work. You were wearing something similar, and you looked like a snowflake between all our black black clothes 🙂

  7. Maria

    You look lovely. I’ve actually meet you in Stockholm in the store where I work. You were wearing something similar, and you looked like a snowflake between all our black black clothes 🙂

  8. Ingerid

    Hei Hanneli!
    Jeg må bare kommentere hvor kul hårfargen din er!
    Hvordan har du gjort dette?
    Mvh. Ingerid 🙂

  9. Ingerid

    Hei Hanneli!
    Jeg må bare kommentere hårfargen din! Jeg elsker at du har det blondt nederst og mørkt øverst, og vil gjerne prøve det samme. Hvordan ble det slik? Har du farget det?
    Mvh. Ingerid 🙂

  10. Oda Marie

    Veldig fint og fresht:) Og jeg elsker håret ditt. Hvordan har du gjort det? Dette fikk jeg lyst til å prøve.

  11. Sötknut


    KEEP IT ON….!!

    and my new photoblogg 😉

  12. Falcon

    This is the type of photo that makes me miss New York City and this type of look that only a New Yorker could pull off 😉

  13. She Wears, She Shares

    There is always something so fresh about your outfits that reflect in the way you take your pictures too. I love that about your blog 🙂



  14. Jane

    This has to be one of your prettiest looks! That dress could so easily look like a nightgown, yet it is fresh and so feminine. Love the pale watery blue touches with it.

  15. Sally

    I’ve been tossing up whether I buy those boots for SO LONG and now you’ve finally sold them to me. You look amazing xx

  16. Zoe

    Wow, vanvittige fine bilder Hanneli. Jeg er enig med deg når det gjelder vide kjoler, men denne var helt fantastisk. Jeg likte spesielt hvordan den er litt gjennomsiktig (spesielt i lyset), men at det fremdeles ikke er mulig å se mye gjennom.

    Gratulerer med en helt utrolig kul blogg! Det er kult å være norsk med deg som representant 🙂

  17. Sarah

    Such a beautiful outfit, Hanneli. I love the way your boots toughen it up so it’s not too sweet. Love the dress – I always steer clear of dresses like that but it really does work here and still looks flattering. Beautiful photography, too.

    Sarah x


  18. Miss Ewig

    I love the XXL dresses, they are so confortable… The bag is really nice… I like that colour!!!

    Xxx from Spain!! 😀

  19. Kiki

    Oh Peter Jensen! I always love it. Its stuff is so adorable and wearable! But it’s a pity that I don’t own anthing from this brand.

    The colour tone of your outfit is so comfy!

  20. Tassos P

    I just looove those Chloe Sevigny’s.
    You look so fresh and delicate in this white dress, perfect look!

  21. fashion westie

    I love this dress- the proportions are perfect. Swampy, surreal and serene. With the Chloe S x OC boots for a good kick, like an exclamation point.

  22. Neda

    I adore the clean cut, minimalistic aesthetics of this outfit; however, it doesn’t lack a senses of textures, colours or sihouettes. I think its simply to do with the tact of you not adorning any jewellery, athough there still appears to be a bohemian pledging within that dress; its the perfect accent of style, comfort and summer. The bag, well, the form is just adorable however i’m more tempted for the white washed denim tone of it…it contrast and in a sense compliments both the dress and the shoes so idylicly that i can’t help but stare in fantasy….Perfect outfit.

    X Neda X


  23. Anear

    I’d like to know what’s tattooed on your right wrist. If it ins’t too personal. Thanks!

  24. Karina

    This look is so simple, yet so pretty. The with the subtle pastel blue Chanel nail polish and baby blue Mulberry bag!