I get a lot of emails asking me about my hair, what products I use and who cuts it, as well what skin products I use. So here are some of the answers (with more to come).

I went to Whittemore House yesterday and freshened up my hair color with the help of  Vicoria, and afterwards Coby used her magic scissors to give my hair a little trim. Not only is everyone who works there very sweet and kind, but the atmosphere in the salon is homy and calming. There is nothing like starting a new year with a fresh cut!

After I wash my hair I put in a tiny bit of Oribe’s “Creme for Style”, followed by a few sprays of Sachajuan’s “Ocean Mist”. Then I quickly dry it using a blowdryer and a round brush, I mess it up a little and then I’m done. Sometimes I’ll use a curling iron to add some life, but I take care not to curl the ends to much as that gives my hair more of a cute look.

Whittemore House is located on 45 Grove street in New York.

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58 Responses to “WHITTEMORE HOUSE”

  1. Anja

    You are stunning and your style is incredibly unique. I wished you would come out with a book soon.

  2. Tooney

    You always look incredible Hanneli! I love your style so much, I wish I looked like you. At least I know how you do your hair. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  3. Iris Marquardt-Johnson

    I love Sachajuan! I discovered the product line about a year ago and dont use anything else on my hair anymore. Glad to see that you are using the ocean mist – your hair sure looks fantastic!

  4. Cristiana Nunes

    I really love your boots and your neon belt. You are so stylish and, above all, elegant! I really like the color and the Design of the Oribe cream!

  5. andrea

    I go there also. I am a longtime client from when they all worked at Bumble and Bumble. Not only does the place have a great vibe, but everyone that works there is incredibly talented. You look great!

  6. polly

    i want your hair cut now!!! so pretty,and your dress is beautiful,you always look perfect ,from argentina xoxo.

  7. amy C

    LOVE the textures & colors in the photo. Your hair is super duper shiny 😀 ahhh just another life in the day of Hanneli! Sweet

  8. Style Souk

    I completely agree that a fresh cut is one of the most wonderful, reinvigorating ways to welcome the new year.

    You look just beautiful…

    It would be fantastic to learn about your skincare, too. Struggling through (yet another!) cold winter here in London, my skin needs a saviour. ;0)

    Sarah x


  9. Katarzyna

    what do you do to stay in shape? you are probably naturally slim, but do you exercise as well/eat healthy?

  10. Catherine

    Ah you look so beautiful – I love your dress and your (Miu Miu?) purse! Too bad I don’t live in New York, I’m in need of a new salon with a friendly atmosphere.

  11. Katarzyna

    really great post! I have been meaning to ask about your hair routine for a while, I have a similar cut, love it, so easy to play with xx

  12. iben

    That is so nice to know, your hair is truly gorgeous, and what a lovely outfit!

    Have a nice day!

    Love iben