Layers with white and a little peak of pastel pink. It’s summer and one shouldn’t start to think about fall just yet, but I love my new knitted sweater! And though I think summer should last longer there is a small part of me who looks forward to when it’s chilly enough to wear it without getting a heat stroke. Shirt by Alexander Wangsweater by Acne and shorts by J Brand.

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113 Responses to “WHITE ON WHITE”

  1. Jade

    Wow I’d never think to put those colours together! I always seem to just put grey and black with white. Looks so great xx

  2. Maryjane.leka

    I wont talk about your style, it’s been known and praised all around the world, for good reason. What is really special and unique in your blog is that the photos combine perfection and imperfection, they are just right. The lightning, the way people stare, feels like the picture is alive. I believe you are a very good photographer.

  3. hana ryan

    This is the perfect touch. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and consider you such a modern style icon. Thanks for all the beautiful details.

  4. schoepfergeist

    Of course Acne is one of my favourite designers at the moment. However on you this item look pretty amazing. It’s on the one hand simple but on the other hand it totally emphazises your knack for fashion.
    Love this blog, maybe wanna follow:


  5. Elle

    Love this mise! It’s true, it’s still summer, but next week i’m going to mountain and outfit like this are normal: cold mornings and evenings, but during the day you can wear off you sweater and enjoy the sun (if ther is the sun, ihih… with rainy day you must take on your beautiful and warm sweater 😉 ) I’ll take in consideration this sweet pink outfit for my holiday!!

  6. Delaney

    Okay, to I love this combo. The sweater and baby pink shorts are such an adorable combination.
    I would pair my ASOS ankle boots with this outfit!
    You’re lovely.


  7. XYRYL

    Sweet. Smart. Fun.

    Easy, breezy, beautiful Hanneli!

    visit my blog: theamorholic.blogspot.com

  8. jemappelleshen

    I totally agree with you on the whole summer/fall thing…can’t wait but I also want to savor the warm weather…. lovely outfit!


  9. chloe

    Love the chunky sweater with the shorts! There is a wonderful yarn pullover sweater by Free People on http://www.couturecandy.com and some cut offs by current/elliott that would perfectly recreate this look for less 🙂

  10. Bo

    Acne F/W 2011 – love it. I’ve already bought 3 pieces, and I will definitely buy some more 🙂

  11. Jane

    I’m just confused as to what temperature it must be outside when it’s hot enough to wear short shorts, yet chilly enough to merit a thick woolen sweater. It seems as if one half of your body must always be too warm or too cold! Just saw a similar combo on The Sartorialist and while I like the look, my first thought was “that poor girl must be sweltering in this heat in a sweater!” Love the sweater, love the shorts (especially with your gorgeous legs) but am mystified by the combination.

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