I got this camera in a vintage shop in a tiny village in Denmark this Wednesday. The day after I went to Copenhagen where I wanted to get a notebook I had been meaning to get for a while. The notebooks are handmade by the french brand Astier De Villatte and all the books are bit different. As I got back to New York I searched online to find film for the camera, and found this amazing Kodac Instamatic commercial from the 1960’s. I’m just saying, look closely at the floor.

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43 Responses to “WHAT ARE THE ODDS”

  1. Lola

    Not only does that floor resemble your notebook, but it also looks almost exactly like the psychedelic floor in Bobst, the NYU library on Wahsington Sq. South. Uncanny!

  2. Robert Wilde

    A Kodak Instamatic was my first camera as a kid. It had the tiniest viewfinder, and I remember how insanely expensive the film was. I still have it – I cherish it. Today, as a professional photographer I’m no longer using it… couldn’t find a fitting digital back for it ;).

    Not sure if they still make these cassettes any more. It was a foolproof design: no getting the tip of the film into the clip of the camera. The film was in a cassette with two rolls, fresh film on the left, then the window for the exposure, and the exposed film to the right.

    You put the cassette in, shot, and took the cassette out when all film was shot. No rewinding.

    Classic 60’s design.

  3. Nataya Chachamisu

    I got the same kodak instamatic cam in fleamarket in Vienna, it was thrown away, so i took it home for free! i would love to use it but havent found develop in my small town.

  4. C

    ..and harmony is reinstated in the world. love when creative coincidences meet!

  5. Jane S

    Ah, that looks my very first camera, complete with flashcubes! Thanks for the memory.

  6. Cathy G

    Wonderfully serendipitous!
    Life-affirming stuff.
    You’re on the right path, Hanneli, and the universe is telling you so.

  7. Lea

    Hej du, fik du taget nogle billeder mens du var i KBH?
    Det ville glΓ¦de mig meget, hvis du havde lidt godt at vise πŸ™‚

  8. Benedikte Capion

    Nice to have you on visit here in Denmark πŸ˜‰
    What a very nice coincidence!
    I have one of those notebooks, they are amazing! So cool that you found this commercial AND the camera too!

  9. Kaitlyn Foran

    Great find! I found an instamatic here in Canada at a thrift store and took it home. I was able to find film and the light cubes/flashcubes online as well as a place that would develop the film in my city. It takes great pictures at the beach! Exactly what instagram is trying to replicate! Great fun!

  10. Christine

    what an odd coincidence! so cool that you were here in Denmark πŸ™‚