This video totally made me smile! Shot by Steven Meisel for Lanvin.

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58 Responses to “WERK IT ALBER, RAQUEL, KAREN!”

  1. Tommy

    Vilken härlig video!
    Kul när det inte ska vara robot-perfekt 🙂
    Jag vill också passa på att berätta att jag är med och tävlar om ett mineralsmink-kit hos Helen på hiilen.blogg.se (check her out!) åt min underbara sambo!

  2. marian

    Sí, el vídeo es muy divertido, pero la letra de la canción no puede ser más machista!

  3. Jane

    I love it! White people dancing awkwardly and unselfconsciously. It’s so charming. It reminds me of the video I recently saw of Anna Dello Russo dancing to “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga – yet without a trace of irony!

  4. Val

    Muy bueno! Descontracturado. Es gracioso, las modelos parece titeres…

  5. Christine

    Haha that is really funny! I just wish they were smiling, though, that would make it so much better!

  6. Maria Jose

    Today, I shared this video on my Facebook. It’s funny and refreshing to see such beautiful clothes and stylish girls moving in time to a song that once became popular in Argentina thanks to a guy, Ricardo Fort, who’s kind of a Paris Hilton-Mel Gibson cross, now infamous here.

  7. Sherrie

    I love seeing the Lanvin advertisements in magazines – they basically use screencaps from this ad. The models look so serious while they’re dancing!

  8. Marle

    Are their dancing skills a bit clumsy? Yes they are. Does it make Lanvin’s campaign a bit clumsy? Not if you ask me! The kind of awkward ‘choreography’ of the video expressed in my opinion the exclusiveness of the House of Lanvin and the luxury feeling that comes with it. Think about it, yeah it would definitely have been cool when the models had blown you away with great dancing skills like Beyoncé, but… wouldn’t it have made it a bit ordinary and cheap? Like a music video instead of the classiness of an established fashion house. I love the feeling this video gives me, it makes me think of elder Fifth Avenue socialites, having one of their high class ‘parties’ wearing luxury, classy Lanvin. Trying to capture their youth and popularity as a mom which makes them dance on their daughter’s music. In clothes that outshine the music, sorry Pitbull 😉 In my opinion it makes a genious contrast.

  9. Stacey

    Oh.. I only know this because I own Dance Central [for Xbox!] but these moves are definitely from there!

  10. karolina

    i dont really know who exactly invent that video, but this is the best fashion commercial i have ever seen. there is so much fun. the fashion world becoming less wodden and thank you, Lanvin and others, for that!

  11. yamile

    Alber Elbaz dancing to Pitbull…. now I’ve seen everything, hilarious.

  12. gorgeousclara

    A lot of people say this is a terrible idea but I think it’s brilliant! It’s so funny! you can’t take anything too serious…

  13. Chantelle

    That’s so funny! It’s nice to see a fashion video that’s not so serious, and the stiffness of the male models makes me giggle.