I’m so excited about being in Vogue Paris this month. It was so much fun having the team at my home, and being photographed by the talented Matthew Kristall. Emmanulle Alt and Capucine Safyurtlu was okaying everything from Paris over the phone. So fancy. I’m wearing my favorite vintage dress and chill dungarees by Frame denimCeline loafers, Acne jeans, Alexander Wang sweater, Calvin Klein Collection blue woolen cropped top and mens cloud sweater, Elizabeth & James cropped baby blue corduroy jeans, Alaïa cutout boots, Miu Miu mirrored skirt and Carven maroon cropped top

My rescue dog Hillary Clinton accompanied me on the shoot, and didn’t mind the attention at all. Her first shoot ever! You may wonder how she got her name. She needed a new start after having lived with people that didn’t treat her well. She was only 9 month and really scared and unsure of herself, so she needed a power name. I had just had some friends meeting Hillary Rodham Clinton, it came to mind and made perfect sense. I’ve had her for 5 months now, and she is full of life and so confident and happy. If you can rescue and adopt an animal, always do.

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  1. Sagr Hamdan

    nice blog and so fresh, I like your updates and your style and I hope to you a good luck with very step in your life =)

  2. Julia

    I think it is great that you took a rescue dog and communicate it (and of course that you are in Vogue 🙂 ). Makes you inside and outside beautiful.
    My dog Paul is a rescue dog, too. He is a fantastic little man.


  3. Anja Stang

    Superfin sak, nydelige bilder (digger kontrastene!) og fabelaktig hundenavn! <3 Det er så fint at du oppfordrer andre til å være snille mot dyr, og konsekvent
    unngår pels. Keep it up, babe! Mwah :-*

  4. Henriette

    Så fint spread!:) Skulle ønske du bodde i LA i stedet for NYC.. Har digget deg helt siden du var og holdt foredrag på Gateway college i NYC våren 2011, du er så inspirerende og morsom!

  5. Steffan Dall

    Jeg er vild med de få billeder vi får fra din indretning.
    Specielt din sofa er vidunderlig! Den minder min om 70’ernes Danmark.

  6. mywhiteT

    That is great that you rescued her, love the name Hilary as well. Rescued a dog myself, such a great feeling when they start warming up and being happy.

  7. Nick

    Ι like looking through a post that ccan make people think.
    Also, thank ʏou for allowiոg mee to comment!

  8. Barbro

    Vidunderlige Hanneli!
    Helt nydelige bilder!! Lurer på hva slag hårfarge du har jeg? Helt sinnsyk fin er den i hvert fall!

  9. Jade

    Thoroughly enjoyed this article and learning more tidbits about you. Gorgeous and inspiring as always!

  10. Lydia

    Woo, congrats, looks amazing! Well deserved. And Hillary C could do it well in Dogue.

    – L

  11. gris-noir chic

    great pictures and so lovely you adopted an animal.
    I have also an adopted dog and can only stress out your last sentence 🙂