There is something about Vika Gazinskaya, she is having so much fun with clothes and she looks amazing every time I see her. She doesn’t seem to have any boundaries on what she’d like to wear which I find very inspiring. That’s the perfect approach. If I’m with a friend shopping she might find something she likes but then say “Oh but it’s not me”, I say “Make it you!”. I’m all for trying something new and pushing your own boundaries. What do you guys think?

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10 Responses to “VIKA GAZINSKAYA”

  1. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    i totally get why your friend would say that because i belong to this ‘type’. i do experiment and push boundaries. i’ve come to the point where i know what works for me and what never will. i don’t know this Vika girl but i’d wager that maybe she’s not too unlike your friend 😉

  2. Caleidoscopio-cs

    Love the combination of a romantic dress with the globes.. and the glasses! great look…

  3. sara

    i totally agree with you in regards to making something fit “you”. people put these self-imposed rules on themselves, which, in my opinion, closes them off to a world of dressing creativity. the whole beauty of fashion is to be able to express one’s self, don’t you think?

  4. Alexandra

    Her glasses pull the outfit together so perfectly! I agree with what you say, everyone needs to push boundaries in their style. Without quirks, getting dressed would be such a boring task.

  5. sarah

    This is such a beautiful photo! I’m loving the gloves.
    I totally agree about pushing the boundaries with your personal fashion- the worst thing is to get in a rut! I’m in a colour rut at the moment- as the weather gets colder all I seem to buy is grey! must do something about that! xx