I spotted this extra large cactus on my way to Sophomore’s pool party in Coachella,  I have never seen a bigger cactus and being from Norway and all it was really exotic so obviously I had to do an outfit picture. The hat is from Screaming Mimi’s, worn out H&M men’s t-shirt, vintage high waisted shorts and Acne wedges. I love polaroids so I added one that Laura Taylor took one of me at the party.

Polaroid by Laura Taylor

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38 Responses to “VERY EXOTIC”

  1. kylie

    H & M is the best place in the world, especially the three story one in New York!

  2. cajsa

    hello! I’m from Sweden, and I wonder if you understand Swedish? :p it would be pretty fun to know. ”hej, vad gör du?” did you know? hehe, this is little wierd. whatever. have a nice day!
    btw, I love your clothes!

  3. hanna

    the same thing being from finland although i lived away for a while. the polaroid has got a beautiful feeling in it ! xx

  4. Gon

    How cute! Love your outfit, it’s so easy and summery!
    And i love polaroids! Wish i had one the pics are so cool!

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