This bra is my summer favorite and will wear it with everything my closet has to offer all summer. And I’m wearing a self made turban! The scarf is from Zara, as well the blazer,  shades from Persol, bra from Alexander Wang, shorts from Acne, belt is second hand.

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68 Responses to “TURBAN”

  1. tibbi

    are they the 2849S or 714 persol?
    does anyoune know the difference between 714 & 649? is it just the folding action? and the smallest size (52 i think) is still large for me – arrgh!

    i’ve always relied on trusty black but it seems it has it now has new worthy contender in camel: the new ‘new black’
    this is cool: chic casual summer!

  2. kate

    I love your turban style!!!! How do you tie it? I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while but I never am able to get the turban tied and look like a sane person!

  3. alvhlid

    My turban brings all the muslims to the yard, and their like it better be yours.

    Love you , Hanneli! (-:

  4. FashionLifeCoach

    I like the clean and sophisticated look of your outfit and the attitude of yourself. The self-made draped turban is a great idea.And a great compliment for the color palette of your complete outfit.

  5. zouari

    I really love this “turban”.
    It remembers me the collection of YSL which shock many people, but it was so beautiful and class.

  6. Felicia S.

    Ok here, you completely rock it. It’s simple, funky and elegant. The scarf is the icing on the cake. The entire photo works because you’re in harmony with the background. White, gray, camel, with a touch of black. Lovely.

  7. Meili

    Jeg har tenkt på å få meg turban en stund, men jeg er litt usikker. Du ser i hvertfall utrolig ut!

  8. agata

    i LOVE the turban. you look great!
    and also love the shorts and bra, amazing outfit 🙂