In collaboration with Tory Burch and shot beautifully by Michael Palmieri, I’m taking you through a day at New York Fashion Week where I’m watching Tory’s beautiful presentation, shooting some street style and chatting with Kanye. I had so much fun filming and having a camera team following me through my everyday routine. Not that hanging out with Kanye is a everyday thing… Thank you  Tory Burch, Michael Palmieri, Moving image and content and Liam Dunn who made my hair and face look really good.

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35 Responses to “TORY BURCH AND I”

  1. Anna

    You have an amazing haircut, there’s so much movement in it. Who was the music in the video by?

  2. Elise

    jeg har alltid ment at modellyrket er litt oppskryt, altså, man tjener penger på utseende sitt, ikke på utdannelse, ferdigheter, talent etc. men du er anderledes, selv om du ikke er modell lenger, du er virkelig talentfull, kreativ, nyskapende. jeg synes at hvis man skal være modell må man også ha andre egenskaper, bla. fotografi, mote, og annen kunst. du burde være et forbilde for alle modeller, du er både pen, smart, og kreativ. du virker også veldig sympatisk. takk for den du er.

  3. katie gall

    I LOVE following your coverage and I LOVE the tan leather dress you are wearing in this month’s Vogue. Keep up the great work and stay fashionable! x

  4. Mar

    A fab video! I’m so jaleous on your life! You’re great! xxx

  5. jinney

    i just wanted to say that it was lovely meeting you after the herve leger show. you are more beautiful in person if that’s possible! thank you for being so sweet!

  6. Vulpes Gurba

    Good energy, a true personality… It’s a big pleasure to have discovered you! (a few weeks ago)
    You are that kind of person… We love you, or… We love you!
    Impossible to be jealous or I don’t know what…

    So, if you want, I invite you to come on My Space :
    To listen my music… I hope you will like it.

    Long life to you Hanneli.

  7. Lene


    Jeg ser du har samme kamera som meg. Jeg er kjempefornøyd med det, D700 er et killer kamera! 🙂 Jeg lurer på hvilken linse du bruker når du tar portrettbilder av folk på gata?

    Hilsen Lene 🙂

  8. The Photodiarist

    Wonderfully done. What a great experience you have during Fashion Week.

    P.S. thanks for posing a couple of times over the weekend! Will post your photos soon.