I love flaired jeans, and Geraldine Saglio’s in particular is a very good pair, put together with the perfect leather jacket and a grey sweater.

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86 Responses to “TO FLAIR OR NOT TO FLAIR”

  1. Patti

    OMG does anyone know exactly who these jeans are by? I want a pair of bell bottoms and these look like the perfect pair-love the shape and color!

  2. Christine

    Beautiful x 20000
    I love flaired jeans, but I’m sure I would never be able to pull them off. I’m not tall enough at all, but she looks gorgeous!

  3. mia

    WOW! I love that type of jeans! It makes your long legs lok longer, and thinner!

    But I wonder if I would be able to pull this of with my height of 153 cm?? Mabye with extra high heels? I’m skinny tho…

    What do YOU think? It would be nice to hear from an expert!

  4. Amina

    If I had Geraldine Saglio’s amazing legs, I’d flare for sure. She’s got style.

  5. Coco

    Flared jeans flatter the leg and the overall look, but in France, there are still very difficult to find in the stores…
    It would be great if this photo would inspire girls to leave aside their slim jeans in favor of cut that is less on the skinny side and more on the cool-chic!

  6. Elena

    I love the proportions of flared jeans and cropped (or just short) tops/jackets. It’s so flattering, inexplicably.

  7. Mariel

    I almost bought a pair a few days ago, it was nice but a bit too small…ended up buying a boot cut instead…will try again I think.
    The shade of the one in this pic is working!


  8. Downtowner

    Wow. If I had those legs, forget flares. I’d walk around in a bikini bottom! (Even in the dead of winter.)

  9. timforachange

    To flare. When everyone and their mother in my slow midwest town is wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots, it is time for a change.

  10. lamia

    not to flair at all !! never liked this kind of pants!!
    take a look at my last post and tell me your opinion about my last purchases!!

  11. amy C

    to flair to flair!
    she’s got the perfect bottom for these jeans. so tiny, and it suits the big flare 🙂

  12. Brooke

    perfection. so nice to see a different pant silhouette among all the skinnies.