Daiane Conterato all buttoned up, a sweater over, paired with leather shorts and the perfect accessory, a PS1. Simply perfect!

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83 Responses to “TINY COLLAR”

  1. Cathrine

    aaah, i have that sweater, but i haven’t been using it that much, maybe i’ll find some new ways to wear it now. the sweater is by h&m btw! cheap and chic!

  2. Fabi M.

    Such a sweet girl. I prefer the weird beauties of my country. She looks adorable in that knit.
    kisses from Brazil.

  3. Jessie

    The simplicity of this look is perfect! I’m in love with leather shorts lately, they are perfect paired with pretty much anything.

  4. vintageme.no


    I like the combination of skin and sweather like this
    Visite my internettsite:
    I have lots of leather skirt wich are just gogeous!! With details you can die for!! I have never seen skirt like this in Norway before that gorgeus quality….. you ll see ; )

  5. Paula

    oh my god, I think you’re talented.
    hanneli.com is my favorite blog, yes, have you
    inspired me to my own blog.
    thank you for it.
    I hope that you will not have much success
    with your great sense of fashion.

    ps the outfit is really cool.

    paula <3

  6. Alice

    This is a really wonderful picture of a great outfit. I would love to know where this photo was taken, because I can’t think of a place where the weather would be ‘right’ for a jumper and leather shorts! Wherever it is, I wish i were there. A really nice mix of smart and casual. 🙂


  7. Downtowner

    She’s the definition of the french phrase “jolie laide.” Many of her editorial shots remind me of a young Kristen McMenamy.

  8. amy C

    So natural! Isn’t it weird/cool how we all gravitate towards things we sort of resemble? I think the sweater matches the shape of her face – Beaut!

  9. Joy D.

    This woman assembled these pieces so well together. Now I will feel better about wearing my shorts…with stocking of course.

  10. sunday

    perfect outfit but just way too cold! show me a sexy way to do winter! cos at the moment i look like a love child of a snow man and an eskimo 🙂

  11. Rosie

    I’m in love with collars like these!
    This girl would look AMAZING with a pixie cut, too!

  12. sara

    I love the sweater, simple and kind of romantic combined with leather shorts and the amazing Proenza Schouler bag!!!!!!!!