Tilda Lindstam in a cool ensemble, I love the pattern of her pants and the leopard bag together. There is so much going on that it works really well together. Her father had sewn the Swedish flag on the back of her jacket. Aww!

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50 Responses to “TILDA ON CROSBY STREET”

  1. Eva Janssen

    oh my god I love tilda lindstam! she always looks so laidback and cool. the flag on the back is cute and so are the printed jeans.
    what I love about this blog is that its simple in the best way–beautiful photos, minimal text, interesting people in great clothes, shot naturally, not in the least contrived. I love to look through the archive for new ideas…<3

  2. sophie ollivier

    I have a question for you. I love your style and value your opinion so much and I was wondering which bag you would advise me to get for tspring summer 20111 between the 3 below:


    – classic box leather CELINE bag in blue (medium size)
    – classic box leather CELINE bag in Blue ( large size which is new this season)

    Thanks so much!!

  3. Dani Regis

    Great outfit. The jacket seems to be an old “Hard Rock” jacket (those ones sold in the 90´s).
    It´s a great idea for a DYI.
    Greetings from Argentina,
    Dani Regis

  4. Elena

    I love how so much of her personality shines through what she wears. Everyone should dress as such.

  5. Peo

    I love all your photographs Hanneli! This girl has incredible style. You’re pictures inspire me and my wardobe, and i want to thank you for that.

  6. Sincerely M

    this kind of outfit is my favorite ! It’s one of those things where you throw it together and it looks fabulous!

    Sincerely M


  7. Anja

    love her style!
    too bad that jacket only would work out of Sweden… here she would probably be called a racist if she wore it out on the streets.
    sucks that you can´t be proud of your country without being called a racist.

  8. Eric Jamieson

    I just saw her at the Calvin Klein White Label presentation this morning. Loved the jacket.