A very cool way of tying hair at Michael Kors SS11. Now I just need to figure out exactly how that’s done. Could it be the start of a braid? An advanced Topsy Tail (if any of you remember those?) Any ideas?

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  1. belen

    I have very straight hair and with double knots it doesnt stay so i have done one knot, then tie it with a hair tie, and then cover the hair tie with some hair (and clip it at the back) and it looks just like your picture, as it seems like two knots instead of one (and the hair looks longer as well)
    thanks for the inspiration

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  3. Ashley

    Indeed, these are just two knots.
    What’s important: long and blond hair..

  4. Pernille Skollerud

    Enkelt! Bare å “knyte” håret.. Som en dobbeltknute, så får du slik 😉

  5. Lumi

    It’s actually really easy, i learned it in the november(alexa chung) issue of UK ELLE.
    Pull your hair back like you would for any updo
    Part the hair into 2 sections
    Then just tie it like you would on the first step of tieing a sholace on the nape of your neck
    Then repeat
    Bobby pins to secure (and hairspray)

  6. KatieSue

    I have waist length strait hair and I’ve just spent 15 minutes at my desk trying to tye my hair in a knot. Something back there is holding but not sure what it looks like since I’m at work. If I could figure out something to hold my hair when I don’t have a band handy that’d be amazing, but everything I’ve ever tried lasts like 5 minutes max.

  7. Lala

    From vogue.com :
    HAIR: Kors envisioned his models looking like “they’ve been out at the beach all day long, and are now headed back to the city,” said Orlando Pita. He doused each model’s head with Bumble and Bumble’s classic Surf Spray “for that really great dry texture,” before blowing it dry, scrunching the hair in handfuls. He finished the look with a low, pinned knot —“the hair is divided into two pieces and tied together like you would with shoe laces”—and side part to allow a chunk of hair to fall in front of one eye for an “effortless, urban” just-walked-off-the-beach style.

  8. Emilie

    To get the look: split the back of the hair into two sections and double-knotted them like a shoelace.

  9. Ira

    Just tried it, it’s a simple square knot! Very easy to do but it still looks amazing!

  10. Catherine

    Ah, I love this! I wish I knew how to do it as well!

    One of my close family friends used to babysit for the topsy tail woman (who patented the little plastic device), who is apparently from my hometown! Weird!

  11. nga waiata

    so so beautiful…just tried to work it out…some texturizing product and light back combing with a big toothed comb…3 sections that weave in and out and some fine pins underneath…phew…stunning!!!

  12. mia

    I bet these are two knots, I often tie a knot, because I have curls and it just stays like that without pins. Love it!!


  13. Audrey

    ooo..Love this! It actually does look literally like how you would knot a bag. Can’t wait to try it out!

  14. Caddy

    Love it! Do post if you ever figure out how its done! 😀

    I do remember topsy tails and just hearing you write those words makes me smile. 😀 Haha!

  15. ritu

    I think it is the start of a braid, and you take the two outer pieces and tie them — one will be coming upward, and the other downward. You take the upper piece and tie with the middle piece that was hanging down, but this time letting the middle piece cross over the top of the other, so that when you pull them tight, the middle piece comes out upward, and the outer piece is hanging down. I think. It’s actually holding very well, without pins.

  16. Ksenia Yashvili

    or one and the same direction……not that much of a difference)))

  17. Ksenia Yashvili

    easy! it’s two regular knots made it opposite directions! just tried it….looks the same!

  18. Jinhuan

    Pretty sure its the start of a braid..
    But im not sure whether this will work so well for dark/black hair since it will not show a lot