This Acne hat is just amazing, it’s a smaller and a much handier version of the YSL hat. It still makes me sad that I couldn’t find it in any of the shops, but it helps seeing it being worn so perfectly on this beauty.

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48 Responses to “THE SWEDISH WAY”

  1. Marianne

    Hatten er fra HOPE. Har sett den på showrommet, men det var usikkert om den skulle produseres.

    Ta kontakt med Hope, så kanskje det ordner seg??


  2. Kiki

    1st, blue is good.
    2nd, the combinationof hat and coat is good.
    3rd, the tone of the picture is good.

  3. marinete

    It is so funny to clip on hanneli blog and found a nike picture’s, and her last post so.
    So amazing to see the connection beetween two of my favorite nordish (i’m french) blog girls. For a minute I was lost, on a good way.
    Congrats to both of you, you’re definitely the most stylish and emotional girls of this cruel fashion world.

  4. Peta Rudd

    She’s a pretty girl and it’s a beautiful photograph, but i’m personally not feeling the love for this hat. I’m sure if it was styled totally differently in a fun, upbeat fashion shoot I could appreciate it…..but here, I find it energy zapping. Maybe with a sleek long sleeved jersey maxi dress and wedges….

  5. fancypants

    This girl is gorgeous.I love her coat. I love the colours (that plum bag with those blues- perfect!). I do love Acne… and yet… am I allowed to say that the hat looks a wee silly?

    Perhaps such an unstructured look doesn’t quite work as headgear. It looks rather like she has put a lampshade upon her crown.

    PS- did you take a picture of her ring (i think it is a ring). It looks like it might be a scene stealer!

  6. Hege

    Du tar forbanna fine bilder. Har du forresten sett Wood Wood aw11? Siden vi er i det skandinaviske hjørnet.

  7. Caroline

    I think it´s a Hope hat to be honest. Maybe that´s why you haven´t found it in the stores. Look:
    So good luck with finding it, I think it comes in brown as well.

    A part from that, I really like your blog and everything you do. You always seem so happy and enjying yourself and that is rally nice to see, and you´re gorgeous.

  8. Madame M

    This a stylish example of what industry can make to allow avery fashionista to access to creative accessories.
    I do not know if Acne had problem with YSL group which would be normal if no authorization has been requested before…
    But, you know when we look at this wonderful and desirable hat wear by this modern and elegant woman, I am so happy to think that I could buy it what it is not the case with YSL ready to wear products.