I met this girl at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, the week after I’m on my bike on the Lower East side here in New York and I see this guy, not only do they have the same sunglasses, but it turns out they are friends and that it’s the exact same shades, what are the odds of that?  She is wearing a denim jacket from Opening Ceremony and the sunglasses are from Asos.

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45 Responses to “THE SHADES”

  1. Angela

    I felt completely in love with that glasses! I just went to the asos site and bought them :D♥!

  2. J

    Hvor bour du egentlig, og hvor befinner du deg nå om dagen? Jobber du ikke så mye som modell lenger? Hvilken linje gikk du på videregående og hva panla du egentlig å bli, før du ble oppdaget som modell? Tell us about yourself!

    Kiss from Norway

  3. katherine

    love it!! wanna see more. Lee where are the photos you took?

  4. Kelly Frances

    it seems like that style of shades is very in right now, i do not object

    the jacket is perfect, as to be expected from Opening Ceremony


  5. f'

    haha, see how the guy casually directs his ‘in love with you’ tattoo at the camera.
    love the shades by the way, saw them at Oak.

  6. isquisofrenia

    i was gonna get a pair of this glasses on ebay the other day and now i shoulve gotten them ,they look so cool on people, hahha she has such a wicked style!

  7. Felicia

    Hanneli what do you use for camera? your photos are amazing.

  8. Lee

    I too took both of their pictures one day in soho! They were so adorable! And from Australia!

  9. Eva

    I thought I had seen those glasses before…
    They look like they’d be over the top, but paired with a denim shirt, they’re like the new wayfarer!

  10. amanda skaar

    i love them, they actually look like they were “hand-made” from a couple of pilotglasses and regular 70’s-glasses. completely awesome, both the glasses and the story, haha.

  11. Ganymede Girl

    It’s great being able to share clothing and accessories with friends, good eye spotting these while you were riding your bike! I kind of like how the clip-on glasses with the round shape give an ‘evil scientist’ sort of look, or at least that’s the vibe I get from them. Both people wear them well.

  12. Isabela

    I really love the sunglasses, the color, the size… It´s totally perfect to wear in every type of occasion.