How great are these Prada SS11 shades?! The swirly eyebrows are just too great for words, they remind me of Olive Oyl – Popeye’s girlfriend.

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76 Responses to “THE SHADES”

  1. Carrie


    how do i get a pair? i’ve been stalking them foreverrrrr

    lots of love!


  2. Mariska

    Hi, I love the shirt, so simple, so beautiful. where can I buy it?

  3. Kristine

    I saw your picture on citizen couture, awesome !
    I love your sweater/dress on that picture, where’s it from?
    Those Prada shades though .. I have to say that I don’t love them. I think their a little bit too crazy for my taste!

  4. Gina


    Så deg i siste Net a porter magazine på best kledd-listen blant bloggerne. Gratulerer og vel fortjent!

  5. So

    Those look ABS AMAAZING on you!!!
    Could you pls let us know where you got them?
    I’ve search many sites (net-a-porter and prada just to name a few), and had no luck … so far.
    Thank you kindly in adv!

    So Ho

  6. ChristinaKey

    Oh gosh I am in love with this glass! Looks pretty cool on u dear!

  7. A Girl, A Style

    Oh Hanneli, these look absolutely incredible!! They remind me of a pair of geek-chic Chanel glasses a few years back that had diamante eyebrows about the frames. Though I must confess, few women could pull these off without looking like a mad bag lady – but you manage to do it effortlessly!

    Miss B xx

  8. kathy

    those shades are so funky! i love them! and of course i love your blog! you are so beautiful!

  9. Jane Stouffer

    They are truly art pieces, probably better displayed than worn as they are a bit google-like. I bet they’re a lot of fun to wear!

  10. iben

    Yup they are amazing! And it’s true, they remind me of pop eyes girlfriend.

    Love Despite color

  11. Beate

    wow! trodde virkelig ikke at det var mulig å bruke disse da jeg så de på Pradas ss/11 catwalken.. men jeg ser nå at de virkelig er super kule å bruke! du kler dem godt :)


    Thank you! My shirt/blouse is vintage YSL. I got it in London for $87.

    Hi Danielle, In Norwegian her name is Olivia. Thanks for letting me know.

  13. Neda

    These prada shades are noteworthy; as i noticed them on the ss/11 catwalks, i couldn’t help but glare/gaze/dream in amazement and self-pitty(the obvious self-attached price tag is unattainable for a thirteen year old like I) however, no one could stop me from imagining….they are in such a playful yet artistic form that puts such a quirky aesthetic to the renown classics by Prada…

    X Neda X