The girl with the otherwordly features Caroline Brasch Nielsen with the fun Prada hairdo. I wonder what gel was used to make it, does anyone know? How great that the eye shadow just happened to match her shirt.

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49 Responses to “THE PRADA WAY”

  1. Minty

    I love the photo, especially the hair. There is just something really fabulous about a fully buttoned collar, even though its supper preppy I feel like its kinda got this really wonderful androgynous feel.

  2. Sonja

    I love this picture of her, and that you have captured her with the Prada makeup/hair straight off the runway. Amazing!

  3. katie

    the gel could be a setting lotion of some sort (beauty supply stores) as opposed to a gel. its typically used to create fingerwaves in the hair and gives that wet look to the hair.
    hope that helps 🙂

  4. Alice

    It’s the eyebrows, DEFINITELY that i like the most. It always makes me smile when girls have what i’d call ‘proper’ eyebrows (perhaps it is because i have a pretty decent pair of brows myself?). Great collar of that shirt, somethin’ special. 🙂

  5. JJ Scholl

    what a captivating photo…prada surely knows how to grab attention discretely. i love love your beautiful vogue nippon spread.

    hope you are well. will let you know when i’m in nyc next to catch up.

    JJ Scholl


    The hair in Prada’s spring show was something that I love, all that 20’s style my favorite years of fashion where there with a modern touch! Great blog !

  7. katie

    wow. I can see you with this hairdo coming right up…just wish I could help you track down the gel. I have no clue but the result is so incredibly striking. Thanks for sharing.
    fashion clocked