Beautiful Lowell Delaney in a very cool and laidback outfit, the net adds a nice touch. I love everything from her messy braid to the long sweater, can’t say I was surprised when she told me she works for Alexander Wang.

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49 Responses to “THE NET”

  1. marvoi

    i have the same bag in orange =] a friend gave it to me, it’s organic cotton from japan

  2. Kazuko

    brilliant photography! and the girl’s look – gorgeous! also love her fishnet shopper!

  3. Kelly Frances

    ive tried so hard to perfect the messy braid, she clearly got it down!! that bag looks so fun – you can fit it anywhere!


  4. Dana

    Gorgeous pics. The outfit is so comfortable yet so chic! I love the setting as well. New York is my favorite city.

    You may be interested in entering a contest being held on Chictopia’s blog for a chance to win a $500 cash prize and become the Beso Fashion Correspondent for the month of August.

    Thank you for sharing, as always, I look forward to your daily posts.

  5. Kjersti

    That net! I must copy it. Stat! 🙂 It’s really easy with crochet. Maybe in turqouise or red?

  6. Cathrine

    Beautiful light!! May I ask what kind of lens you mostly use for your potraits?

  7. georgia


    Especially love those sandals – any idea where she got them?

    I’m digging out my string bag right now…

  8. sofie

    Simple, but cool net. Does anyone know where you can get one like that?