Shala Monroque has killer legs and a killer closet. I love how she plays around with her style, the shoes she was wearing had bells all over the ankle straps and it felt like christmas walking next to her.

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41 Responses to “THE LEGS!”

  1. Toya

    she’s got some killer legs- for sure.
    … but honestly… shoes with bells??
    that would just make me smile all day. I love it!

  2. Lauren

    Oh. Em. Gee. She truly is stunning. Glowing! The black and cream mini dress, those ruffles playing around her legs, the killer smile. Definitely a favorite.

    Hand drawn:

  3. eden

    I’m not sure if this is a dress or a skirt and a shirt but it’s gorgeous.I love it!

  4. Blackcowboy

    love that out fit and her necklace fits to her shoes and the H on the Hermes Bag.
    Yeah Baby here the are hell’s bells!!

  5. Mone

    omg! I can’t stop looking at her legs! It’s not everyday you see someone stylish AND fit!!

  6. Gon

    She does! Her legs are really fiercee! Love to peek into her closet xD

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