You can never go wrong with a great leather jacket, wether you found it at a second-hand store, Zara, ebay or at Balenciaga, a leather jacket it’s something very personal and something that you will love more and more the more you use it. I got one at Zara a couple of years back, it’s really beautiful but for some reason I don’t wear it that often, and I keep thinking I should have something like this one or a Balenciaga.

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10 Responses to “THE LEATHER JACKET”

  1. Lulu S.

    Leather jackets are definitely a key piece to have in one’s wardrobe..the style pictured above has a unique look with the piping on the elbows..cool!

  2. Comme Coco

    I couldn’t agree more.

    A great leather jacket is such a staple piece and the best thing is that they only become more beautiful with wear and age.

    I’ve always loved the Balenciaga ones, but budgetwise I’ll have to do with Zara right now ;-). But the Balenciaga ones seem like a really really good investment buy!

    Love your blog.