Striking beauty Laurel Pantin in a hat that is perfect for the weather New York had this past week. I’m not good with hats, but I have a knitted one from Acne that I forgot to bring from Norway so I haven’t really used anything to keep warm except for my genius knitted scarf/hood that I got a few years back at Marc Jacobs. My goal for next winter will be to find a good hat, hopefully I’m lucky and find something similar like hers.

Photo of me by Tommy Ton for and I’m wearing sheepskin fur by Margiela.

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21 Responses to “THE HAT”

  1. teri

    hi hanneli
    i am not norwegian,but my father was,and a hat like that,you can find in our uncle or aunts/grandmother/father house or summer/winter hytte.
    i really like your photos,i check them out now and then.

  2. slimbykings

    I can’t get tired of imagining myself in that sheepskin fur!
    So gorgeous, it has a lovely feel on photos so I expect that in real life it has to be quite something!

  3. Melissa~

    I have a hat like yours, well it belongs to my aunt, but it belongs to me too. We are family right?

    Love your sheepskin dear!