I could not resist asking the owner of the house of a shoot that I did today (hence the make up and shiny dress) if I could please stand in the hand. Not only did he say yes, but he offered to help me take the picture too. Thank you, Jorge!  Jorge Elias’ house was an inspiration like no other. The interior design was so pretty and dreamlike. There were original Picasso, Chagall and Warhol pieces everywhere. Sigh! Lucky for me a book with images from his house will come out in March.

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81 Responses to “IN THE HAND OF GOLD”

  1. Janice Tjioe


    You look gorgeous wearing goldies dress in black/white picture. Do you mind to share the title of the book? I love to see the interior design in the book. Here’s my blog for interior design ….

  2. Maria

    You were beautiful, but the golden hand is wonderful and the owner of the house Jorge Elias is amiss. love.

  3. S

    Could you give me some advice on Norweigan designers? Going to Oslo soon and want to find a white graduation dress. Thanks!

  4. ChristinaKey

    Wow really great pic! Looks so amazing! *-*



  5. mamamia

    Beautiful, Hanneli. I love your shining image and your picture got me thinking of a gospel I love;
    “He-s got the whole world, in his hands his got the whole wide world, in his hands his got the whole world, in his hands he,s got the whole world in his hands!”
    Maybe also “shine on me” and “gold finger” gives meaning to the photo. Love M

  6. Juuli

    I red un article about your blog from some magazine and now i’m following your blog, this is amazing. AND you look perfect! Ps. It’s so cool that you have a finnish last name, do you have family in finland? and another question, what do you do as sports? do you dance? you have a dancers body! (not that i’d be obsessed with body types just because i dance too )
    hope you undersood my english !!

  7. Mina Maria

    Så utrolig fint! Jeg beundrer stilen din. Og bloggen din. Alt egentlig.
    Jeg har forresten laget et innlegg om din blogg. 🙂

  8. Anniken Zahl Furunes

    Lovely! I would like to have a shoot in this house for Interior magazines! just now Reljin home is on 9 Pages in a Norwegian magazine,- and will soon come in Milk too! love your blogg!

  9. Carla

    it was a pleasure to have you on our new catalogue for CORELLO !!
    Besides being an amasing professional, you are a lovely and very special person!
    Jorge Elias, our dear friend and one of the greatest architects in the world,
    was so kind to let us make the shots in his awesome house!
    thank you all. 🙂

  10. Anine

    Du har så utrolig bra stil og smak!! virkelig beundringsverdig.. tenker du er den smarteste å spørre, hva synes du om alexa vesken? Er det ut å kjøpe den nå? Jeg har nok penger til å kjøpe en, og føler at den er klassisk og verdt det, men redd det ikke lenger er “kult”..

    Takk for bloggen din, utrolig inspirerende!

  11. j.

    Hello Hanneli,

    I am following your blog for a moment and I would like to know which camera you are using for your great pictures.

    Thanks for your attention,


  12. fancypants

    Señor Elias’ home looks so overtly over-the-top opulent. Not the style I’d generally associate with an architect (I googled him. He is an architect, isn’t he? His website isn’t working!)

    That chair looks like a Dada-ist painting come to life. Even more so with you on it!

    Ah, you are so lucky!

  13. Catherine

    What an adorable picture of you! And I must say I’m quite jealous of this man… an original Picasso? Amazing! I can’t wait to see the book of his house~

  14. nycfashionista

    Love the hand chair! It’s in almost every Architectural Digest number in one of the gorgeous featured homes. Your picture standing on it is funny! And you are stunning!

  15. mustownmore

    Stunning photo. You look amazing in that dress, and that chair is awesome. I never believe people with these fabulous houses and art on the walls really exist…when’s the shoot coming out so we can see more of everything?

  16. iben

    Hahaha, that’s quite a funny picture:) But you look gorgeous in that metallic dress. Have a nice saturday!

    – Iben