I have had this vintage leather bag for a while and just recently discovered it could be attached to a belt. It gave new life to my white long vintage dress that I haven’t worn before because it’s very transparent. Finally I found a thin skirt and a simple bra to wear underneath. I have quite a few dresses with this problem, they are too transparent and regardless what any guy would say, I will not wear it without a skirt underneath and show my knickers to the world. Too few brands think of this, if  they make something that is transparent, why not produce slips and underskirts that will work with the cut of the dress? Now that it’s quite warm I can bear the thought of wearing my thick jersey skirts and dresses from American Apparel underneath. Any ideas?

Ram ring from Brass & Bones.

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102 Responses to “THE FANNY PACK”

  1. karina

    so gorgeous! if i’d seen you on the streets i would’ve done a double-take, then watched you walk off slack jawed.

    (i’m so inspired by your outfit that i might just have to rip you off a teeny bit…)

  2. eleanor

    vintage petticoats and slips on ebay is my tip… someone else suggested silk. thatd be perfect.
    its a lovely simple dress.

  3. elin

    Hanneli, jeg må si dette er en av de vakreste antrekkene du har hatt. Nydelig fall på kjolen. Gaah. Merker et stikk av misunnelse. (;

  4. Sarah Klassen

    I struggle with a few soft cream and white dresses myself.

    Slips or something thin and light from AA is the only thing that I have discovered to work thus far… I have resorted to pinning things in place as a temporary solution the odd time as well!

    I must say, I really enjoy your blog 🙂
    Have a great weekend…

  5. Aleksine

    jeg hadde det samme problemet da jeg skulle på fest i London her om dagen – jeg hadde jo heller ikke noe annet å ha på meg, siden jeg kun hadde pakket den kjolen. Løsningen min var å ta på meg en sykkelshorts! Resultatet ble ganske så kult. Kanskje prøve noe lignende?


  6. Lydia Park

    I’m a big fan of wearing a thin lace dress / skirt under a see-through dress. It covers up your underwear enough so you can’t see it through the dress, but in the light you can catch a glimpse of lace!

  7. Beth Barmettler


    an idea for something underneath if you didn’t mind going for something different could be to get another thin dress of a different color to layer underneath. I have that problem with many of my dresses as well and have gotten other neutral dresses, or to mix it up, one with a pop of color to accent the neutral. Just another suggestion!

  8. laura

    hey hanneli 🙂 i’m a new reader of you, so I don’t really know have you mentioned this earlier (propably yes..) but where are from? Ur name sounds finnish etc, so are you from Scandinavia originally?

    LOOOVE your blog <3

  9. dreamy

    this is so inspiring – the prim white dress with the hard belt/purse and the boyish converse.. its so surprising and well put together!


  10. Hanneli Mustaparta

    Thank you for all your kind words!!! <3 <3 <3
    I used a old thin white skirt that I had, but I will look for proper silk underskirt at a undergarment store. Thank you for all the great tips. So many interesting solutions.

    Sigrid det er helt riktig at jeg har et G11, jeg bruker det og Nikon D700 om hverandre.

    Xx Hanneli

  11. Sigrid

    Heisann:P lurer på bare på om du bruker G11 kameraet ditt til bildene du tar til bloggen din:P for det er G11 du har ikke sant?:) (leste det i costume)

  12. andrea

    Hanneli, At the Hell’s Kitchen flea market I found a pair of white victorian bloomers that women used to wear under their skirts. They can be worn alone, like a pair of shorts, or under a skirt that’s see through. One of the best vintage things I have ever found! And they are cotton with cotton lace so they are cool and comfortable.

  13. kylie

    never would i match a fanny pack to a white dress but hanneli mustaparta u make it look amazing!

  14. jess

    I think you should do as Anna Dello Russo did and show off those knickers! A black bandeau bra and boycut briefs will let everyone know it’s intentional…not something for you to be emabarrassed about. And it would still give you pretty good coverage 🙂 I do love the dress!

  15. andrea

    You look gorgeous in that dress. As for the transparency problem, against that I’ve only found wearing nude underwear (body by VS). Or trying to make a statement by wearing something black underneath.

  16. Qlix Magazine

    This is such a great idea. Very creative and very stylish. Your photos are absolutely stunning by the way. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  17. Stephon

    The Mix is fantastic… The classic converse and that long dress…the perfect outfit for a day in St-Tropez…for me !!!
    A HAt and cardigan to complete…
    Very fine anyway !! Love it… BEautiful pictures !!

  18. Jessica

    You rock the white dress with the adorable belt bag but the shoes! Haha, i can never get into sneakers with pretty dresses

    but you still look fantastic!

  19. Javier

    I find your look really beautiful. I like the way you incorporated the bag to the belt making a new piece of cloth much more interesting. An also the combination of that simple and elegant dress with converse, it looks amazing.

  20. Inspiration exists

    Absolutely beautiful look – simply, easy and so chic.The vintage bag complements the outfit to perfection. Love the lightning of the photos.

  21. SugarKane

    Your vintage bag is fab and it goes with everything and style. I love it!
    And you are awsome in this white dress. As usual! 😀

  22. Nadine

    you have to wear skin colour underwear and do NOT wear white or any other colour as this will obviously show. working in a lingerie department i would know. u can opt for a beige or white long slip or any white/ivory long skirt (if easier to find).

    OR try finding a skin color cycle short from american apparel instead of a slip. hope this helps.

  23. Blackcowboy

    Hi Hanneli,
    this outfit is extremly gorgeous!!! With you dark hair and the white dress moving with the wind you reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Very ladylike and very classic! Super I’m amazed!

  24. kim

    Hi Hanneli, maybe a light and soft jersey micro modal legging will be an idea..?

  25. Nadia

    I love the look of that bag with your vintage dress. I like white dresses in the summer, and I am especially loving long skirts and dresses lately. The chucks are an unexpected pairing, but I think it works well.

    Your photographs are beautiful.

  26. Caddy

    I love how it’s cinched and than fans out billowing! It’s a graet picture and I love how you did your hair and makeup too!

  27. Kiki

    This outfit is awesome. I like how the feel your dress gives me — very comfrotable and very beautiful. And I like your bag. It’s very vintage and pretty!

  28. ClaraAnne

    What an elegant picture, its very swan lake especially with that neat bun. The faint pleats on the dress is so beautiful.

  29. Ema Batista

    I totally agree with you. I too have some dresses that are transparent to be wearable at work. Since they are not white do wear them at weekends, but I never feel confortable which is a shame. I never found a good full slip.


  30. Caroline

    This look made me think of an old Gucci belt-bag (not the really ugly ones that were so so popular back in 2005, but a really cute vintage-y one), that I’ve never really figured out how to wear. I think I’ll try the waist-belt-bag thing, so thanks for this post!


  31. Sigrid

    How about wearing something pink or nude coloured underneath? I have the same problem with anything white or sligthly transparent. Found an light pink top to wear underneath white blouses/tops. It actually works. Good luck! Lot’s of love from Harstad.

  32. Mars

    I totally agree, this is a returning problem! My tip if you can’t find an underpiece with the right cut is to go for darker colours – they show off less than white underneath white. Lovely pictures, by the way.

  33. nicole

    i myself am a big fan of sheer and transparent clothes but you’re right, it’s always tricky finding the perfect underwear & etc to wear underneath and still keeping the effect of the piece.

  34. Amanda Roswall

    You can always wear silk underneath. Silk feels cold to your skin + it’s so thin that people won’t notice it.
    xo Amanda.

  35. Rita

    What an amazing outfit, I love the simplity of it, combined with the sneakers. The fannypack is so chique! It all looks great with your hair back like that. Have had the same thought about the slips, am also surprised there aren’t more brands producing nice ones..

  36. ka?

    You can try and have it lined at a tailor’s – they do it in Europe and I’ve applied this idea to a couple vintage dresses and it really worked. My tailor says viscose is best, as it’s thin, natural and breathable. Should be available at well supplied fabric stores. I bring the dress in question with me to make sure the colors go well together, and I prefer it lined only from the waist down.

  37. Kazuko

    what an amazing outfit! love the combination of the dress with converse. and no – i’ve got no idea, but the same problem. there is that white shirt dress – sometimes i wear it with white sporty knickers. it still makes me feel a little naked though.

  38. Victoire

    In that white flowy dress, you definitely look a vision. And i love how you’re wearing it with converse sneakers. it all works so well 🙂

  39. Carmen

    The dress is gorgeous, and your hair looks really pretty like that! Maybe lace shorts underneath would work.


  40. sarah

    Generally with something fairly sheer i would wear a leotard and cycling shorts underneath! usually in a cream, white or black but AA have some really bright colours that often work quite well.

    This looks so so beautiful though. and i love how you wore it with converse too- a brilliant twist! xxx

  41. Jena

    Where did you get the slip from? I have a long white dress too that’s completely transparent but I absolutely love it. I haven’t worn it yet because I need to get something for underneath.