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17 Responses to “THE POWDER ROOM – MIU MIU”

  1. Laura

    I agree with maya…i kept on waiting for something to happen. Felt like another bland, nonsensical fashion video. The Prada s/s vid blows this one out of the water!

  2. fancypants

    I only mean this as critique (certainly not as spite) but this film looks and sounds like a not particularly successful imitation of Sophia Coppola’s style. I cannot fault the clothes however and Audrey and Sophie,in particular look gorgeous. The Prada film wins hands down though, for me at least!

    PS- I hope you’ve had some time for a little R&R!

  3. Madame M

    As the last Prada video, the new one for Miu Miu is brilliant! How can Miuccia team do? This brand is so creative, feminine modern and sexy.