I have always wanted a chair like this that I found in Brooklyn this weekend but unfortunately it was too ragged to bring home. So for now a picture with it will have to do. How pretty is it?! I’m wearing a post fashion week outfit, hence the complete grey and black. The cashmere sweater is from H&M men’s, pants Zara and boots Rag & Bone.

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73 Responses to “THAT CHAIR”

  1. kristin

    Hi Hanneli, I read in costume that you are jusing nimue foundation . Can you maybe post a pic where you are wearing it so we can see how it looks like? .. and which color are you jusing?

  2. Gabrielle

    You’re so beautiful, and you seem like such a sweetheart! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Julie Leypoldt

    Hei søte;) I so envy your stay in New York!!! Looking forward to visiting a friend of mine there in a couple of months. Could you do a piece on fashiondesigner Elise Øverland – since you’re both in NY I mean??

    Things are happening in Oslo too: read about last fridays Pop-Up Show at Posthallen and todays Vernissage at Minou here:


  4. xSzkrabx

    Simplicity may also be charming, as we all (?) know 😉 And you prove it.

    I also wanted a chair like this… 😉 Still looking for..!

  5. Estranged

    How come that in black you still look fresh and beautiful, whereas I look as if I was to attend a funeral? It’s unfair 🙂

  6. Tonio

    This photo looks so fresh! and the chare gives to the mage an halo of some brit yard from 1992.
    Also the black pant, with the black sweater, is a statement Han!! so smooth, so simple and so chic!
    Im a fashion illustrator, if you want something, let me know, I´d be glad to do it couse you are pure fashion, just like San, my character. Come to meet her, in this post is in Alexander McQueen. She´s lovely.

    Big kiss Hanneli! thanks for inspire people with the magic god gave you to your hands.


  7. Elsie

    Arrh so beatiful! The chair, the picture, you…. Great job Hanneli 🙂

  8. Cristiana Nunes

    Great sweater, it must look so good once paired with so many things. But the thing that i really enjoyed here is actually your hair, it looks really beautiful, young and elegant at the same time.

  9. thefashionguitar

    I love this photo!! I remember my parents had one when I was little, I loved to climb in it! Funny you’re wearing a H&M menswear sweater, I buy a lot from the men’s dep like t-shirt, sweaters, love it!

    xo thefashionguitar

  10. Nancy

    So funny, I have always wanted a chair like that as well! 🙂 Too bad it was too ragged, otherwise you could’ve taken it home with you!


  11. Gabrielle Pascua

    The chair is gorgeous, but my goodness Hanneli, you are BEAUTIFUL! You have me super envious, you’re beauty is so natural and radiant!

    xx Gaby

  12. amber

    this takes me back! we used to have one of these…no two of these…when i was a child in hawaii! i haven’t seen one of these in ages. where in brooklyn? no fair!

  13. Shani Gilchrist

    Lovely. I have a pair of similar chairs that I inherited from my parents. They bought them when they were living in Taiwan in the 60s and they are badly in need if repair, as well. You’ve made me start thinking again of getting them out of our tool house and figuring something out with them! Thanks.

  14. Pilar

    it makes me remember… JULIO IGLESIAS haha (Enrique Iglesias’ dad)
    he used to sit in one like that in the 80’s

  15. Katarzyna

    the picture is so georgous, amazing light! you hair is longer, are you growing it back? I like your version of mid – bob xx

  16. Tonje

    Hanneli, jeg elsker din nye look. Håret ditt er fantastisk fint i den lengden, og den totonede stilen kler deg smukt. Jeg fikk selv det før jul, men til sommeren vurderer jeg å la lokkene falle for en kortere variant, slik som du har! Du er en stor kilde til inspirasjon.

    Takk for at du er den du er!

    xx T