To see Miu Miu last night was an amazing way to end fashion week here in Paris. I love the entire collection! I find it impressive that the fabrics manages to be so sweet while they are so thick. One of my favorite pieces were the furry purple skirt with black top and with matching furry mittens, and I loved the pants with bellbottoms from the ankle and down. And I could live in the black dresses with all the amazing details. Miuccia Prada is my hero! More pictures to come after I get a new external hardisk. I have no memory space left after a very hectic week. Ha!

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23 Responses to “THANK YOU MIU MIU!”

  1. emily

    oh i haven’t heard from miu miu in a wihl; i love these dresses!!<3


  2. Lisa

    merely by viewing those three pictures, I fell in love with the collection. Long Live Miuccia! And thank You for sharing!

  3. Rachel

    As soon as I saw that first purple fuzzy skirt I thought you would look awesome in it! Hope to see that!

  4. Serena

    love love love the dresses & fresh, vibrant makeup! The Miu Miu show sounds like it was legendary 🙂


  5. Ganymede Girl

    For me Miu Miu was a big disappointment and I just can’t bring myself to warm to this collection. It’s awesome that you were able to attend the showing though and seeing the clothes in person right in front of you must be infinitely better than pixels on a screen.



    I’m in love with the violet dress. Oh, look at the rosettes & textured lace-like fabric. & the pockets look like dumplings!

  7. Davidikus

    The last yellow dress is lovely. It reminds me slightly of the bright yellow recently used by Louis Vuitton in their men’s collections.

    It seems everyone had a hectic week (well, 9 days) in Paris – which is not surprising if you take into account most British designers and even a big Italian brand like Miu Miu chooses to show in Paris, rather than Milan! I always wondered whether it made sense to have the Paris Fashion Week at the end of the show season, just after Milan.