Thank you Blackbook magazine for this! And Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton for making such a beautiful dress with two gigantic poofs.

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23 Responses to “THANK YOU BLACKBOOK!”

  1. Melissa~

    I love what you said about outfits, the next day they’ll desapear, I never thought in that.
    you look gorgeous, the dress is amazing, and the lights are awesome.

    Good luck “New sartorialist”!

  2. CA

    Oh wow that is so rad! Your answer is very refreshing and insipring. Very awesome work!

  3. Nachum

    Hey Hanneli, I thank the Blackbook for the recognition that you so greatly deserve and I thank you for just having a great eye – but i have to admit that i am scared that your status will explode and will no longer be the best kept secret in fashion! xx