The textures in her outfit makes it extra special, the heavy knit and the herringbone leather belt. And I love how her collar is really cute but strong at the same time.

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39 Responses to “TEXTURIZED”

  1. Nina

    Hun ser ut som en ung Sissel Kyrkjebø, bare med litt bedre trimma øyenbryn! 🙂

  2. Berneice Stvrestil

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  3. Christine

    I saw this photo and loved it and then I realized I went to college with her! We were in the same class. She always had a knack for easy style.

  4. Caddy

    Your right about the textures, they definitely add something. At the same time I like that the outfit is not fussy.

  5. Inspiration exists

    Great outfit – love the play between the chunky knits, leather and the herringbone belt. The buttonned up shirt is just the perfect finishing detail.

  6. terka

    the outfit screams Chloe Sevigny..I don´t say it´s bad, bcs I love Chloe..and the girl looks awesome too!