Tati Cotliar always puts her outfits together in fun and unexpected ways, unusual colors and patterns clashed together in a beautiful way. Always topped off with a great bag and very cool shoes.

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69 Responses to “TATI”

  1. Sara

    I’ve just discovered your blog this afternoon and have spent many hours scroll through your images capturing great fashion and style.

    I’ll certainly be an avid reader from now on!

  2. Mink

    I don’t know about this, isn’t Tati 20? I scrolled down thinking this was some fashionistas kid ( i didn’t recognize her), and then seeing her long legs and the shoes. I love each individual piece, and I hate the phrase “dress your age”, but she looks 10 years old :/

  3. Kirstie Marié

    I adore this look. There’s a certain childlike feel to it, the stripes and vibrant playful colours however it also has such an element of sophistication.

    Kirstie Marie

  4. Neda

    I love the wild combination of colours; very individual. It reminds me a bit of something Miu Miu, i think its the adorable doll-like represantation; its just so perfect! Although i do think a pair of bottoms would’ve seemed appropriate in this case..or at least this shot, eventhough her legs are divine. X Neda X