What I love about fall is that you can just add a pair of stockings and boots to your favorite summer dress and make it work in a different way. Anja Rubik’s bag is just too amazing for words.

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77 Responses to “TRANSITION INTO FALL”

  1. lvhandbags

    My recent comment didn’t appear!? Well just wanted to say thank you for some great inspiration! I just came across your blog & I really enjoy it!

  2. Rosa

    Super amazing!!!!! plus the lipstick is spectacular too

  3. A Girl, A Style

    Love everything about this photo – her cool nonchalence, the outfit, the bag… but most of all those lips! Such a gorgeous pop of colour in a sea of gloomy black Autumn outfits (this reminds me of your pic of Abby-Lee a few weeks back wearing the same lip colour).

    Miss B xx

  4. The_Dark_Lady_2

    This is a very beautiful picture, Hanneli. You are a really good photographer.

  5. Elena

    Love love love that mix up of the muted tones people tend to wear in Autumn with that vibrant lip colour.

  6. sara

    The bag is really beautiful, but the thing i love the most is the lipstick color!it’s amazing and Anja looks gorgeous

  7. WantmoreGirl

    You are totally the master of lighting. Much more that Garance and other bloggers, and your photos are way more inspiring. Please never stop blogging Hanneli! I need my daily inspo.


  8. Dagmar

    The bag bag is indeed to amazing for words…The make-uo with those lips just makes everything about this outfit perfect 🙂

  9. tonio

    I love the lips, how you can get thos extra saturated colors? you are a master of light on snaps! it inspires me a lot.
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    Just sharing my thoughts.
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    Un beso guapa!

  10. Erica

    What a great photo Hanneli!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your blog, all you pictures are really special. Anja looks breathtaking! Thank you for inspiring me every day.

  11. effie

    i disagree with mustownmore… the lips are and not too overpowering, since the rest of her outfit is colorless.

  12. amy C

    I love the straight hair you’ve been featuring as of the last two post 🙂 I wonder if she did her own hair and makeup today? She’s the essence of sweet looking.