This beauty inspires me to use summer looks for fall, just adding stockings under to keep warm and a few layers of cashmere cardigans under a blazer or a thick jacket over. Another good trick to keep warm and look stylish is Under Armor and wool socks. I also get my winter shoes one size bigger so I can fit a sole of wool as well as wool socks. Do you have any good tricks to stay warm but still look stylish?

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72 Responses to “SUMMER ALL YEAR ROUND”

  1. Lulu

    What a wonderful outfit! It’s a litlle crazy, but in a very stylish way.
    I love the blazer and her sun glasses are wonderful.

  2. Anna

    SILK! Silk blouses and silk knit underwear (camisoles or long-sleeve tees – and silk leggings, if really cold). Silk is thin and does not add bulk, but keeps you warm by trapping heat.
    It is possible to layer a silk tee, cami, and blouse, then add a lightweight wool sweater overtop and still look thin. No one will know your warm secret. Silk is a great investment, because in summer heat, silk blouses keep you cool.

    Finally, a wool beret can be rolled up in your bag and worn as needed.

  3. Sher

    Love this shot and outfit, beautiful! And so is she. As for keeping warm, silk or merino wool “long underwear” is amazing and sheepskin insoles (full or cut to just fit the ball of the foot) work great once you flatten them a bit!

  4. cateryna

    hanneli dear hanneli,
    help us, a bit, find out from where is this jacket.
    thaanks for every and each update of yours!

  5. Zinzi

    I’m on tour in Denmark and freezing my rear off — walking around Aarhus today, I wondered if they made something like wool soles (I normally live in Los Angeles). Lo and behold you mention them here today! Where do you find these magical things and do you have suggestions for a favorite brand? Thanks for the post!
    – Z


    HotHands Handwarmers! They heat up instantly and are small enough to fit in your pockets! Completely incognito in any blazer or moto jacket. They’re a staple for my winters spent in Colorado!


    This outfit is indeed inspirational!
    Your ideas on how to stay warm are very handy for me.. Since im always cold!!
    Im putting leggings under my jeans and little sacks you can heat up in the microwave in my jackets pockets 😛

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

  8. KathB

    another good one is wool leggings/tights. alex wang has a pair for fall 2010 from his runway show. cheap ones elsewhere & anywhere 🙂

    uniqlo also has their undergarment clothing that has heattech technology.

  9. Dana

    Thank you for sharing your ideas to stay warm and wear lighter clothes in the winter. Keeping your feet warm is a must as well as your neck. I am a huge scarf lover, and find that having one on keeps me warm when I wear the traditional summer like clothes in the winter.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  10. Camilla

    I love the outfit and the tips! Also, you can buy thick wool soles for your shoes in some shoe repair shops – cheap yet warm as winter boots!

  11. the style crusader

    ski socks. simple and no one can even tell. they keep me so warm and are the simplest addition to any outfit. haha, not very exciting – but it works. i love this outfit. she looks stunning. the floral jacket is incredible. hope you’re staying nice and toasty warm. xx

  12. meena

    Any photos for winter styles like leggings & wool leg warmers with big sweaters? That seems like fun!!!

  13. Meili

    Aw, I’m so jealous of the weather over there! Back in Norway it’s freezing cold and snowing. Btw; love her ray bans and her hair .. seems so summer-ish.

  14. Elena

    Gorgeous photo, omg. Her jewellery is second only to her smile.

    In winter I wear all my clothes with merino underneath. Including my floaty summer things. And double layers of stockings/tights etc. And men’s woollen socks, because they’re made to be worn under suits, and fit into shoes better than the fluffy granny ones. I maaay also have a penchant for borrowing jackets and blazers from courteous guys who think I look cold. There’s something kind of sexy about wearing outsized-but-actually-tailored things, imo.

  15. David

    That print jacket is out of this world amazing! I think layers are always stylish during the cold chilly days, but you can’t forget to add a pop of color to bring the summer and winter together to make an amazing combination! : )

    : ) David

  16. Lara

    I always wear tights under my jeans, because I live in the northern part of the U.S. and it gets very cold. I also always wear gloves, because the first thing that gets unbearably cold is my hands. That way, I never have dry skin! (At least, I think those two things are related…) I’m super happy legwarmers are considered fashionable now too, because when I’m not wearing pants, I love the extra warmth they provide.

  17. Serena

    What really sticks out to me from this photo are her tortoiseshell Ray Ban clubmasters and delicate necklaces- sometimes its those special pieces you wear with everything that really bring a look together. As for chilly weather wear, I consider fleece lined leggings and cashmere thigh-highs to be wardrobe staples. A vintage shearling bomber jacket really comes in handy too.


  18. Downtowner

    ooh, that wool sole is a great tip! I like Winter Silks for layering under shirts and sweaters. They’re finished nicely enough that you can let them show a bit.

  19. Johanne

    Can you show us what kind of boots you are planning to use this winter? i really need some inspiration for a stylish look without getting cold on my feet

  20. GBEE

    Do you know where this jacket is from? I have made a dress from that very fabric.

  21. A Girl, A Style

    Gosh, this really does look like a gorgeous summer day! I’m definitely going to try the fur shoe sole trick. I’m all about layering plain cardigans (that can’t be seen) under blazers and coats, and luscious scarves and chic leather driving gloves.

    Miss B xx

  22. Esra

    Very nice blazer! My trick to stay warm is to wear two pair of tights one above the over 🙂
    By the way, I love your blog! <3