The weather is so depressing here in Norway now so I had to go all black, a 360 turn from all my summery dresses I wore last week. This is my dog Catrine, my bff. The jacket is from my boyfriends closet, the dress has some amazing details on the sides and is from H&M, the stockings are from Wolford and my shoes are from Rizzo. The soles on my shoes are so worn down now and I’ll have to get them repaired, but I’m  afraid they’re too damaged at this point. I will check with my favorite shoe repair guy Mr.Dagestad ,and see if he can do anything.

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11 Responses to “SUCH A RAINY DAY”

  1. KDollydoll

    Your blog is my new fave! Please don’t stop posting… P.S. love the hair-do!

    Beijing blogger

  2. Joanna

    Wow, it may be depressingly cold and dreary, but it sure did make a pretty picture! I read about your blog on Refinery29, and I admit I’m smitten. I’ll be baaaaack 😉

  3. B

    Du ser fantastiskt ut som alltid! Elsker at du alltid lager din egen unike vri på alt du tar på deg. Veldig bra blogg!