Wow guys I really wished I had many many more totes to give out to all of you. Everyone has an equal chance of getting it and I’m very exited!

I met Kate Peck on the street yesterday, it’s starting to cool down in New York and her coat fits her so beautifully. I love the contrast of the green color and her white blonde hair and fair skin.

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22 Responses to “STRIKING CONTRAST”

  1. Phalen

    Anyone else remember kate.. from super for a super model (Australia) 9 years ago.. so beautiful

  2. Lance Pekonmäki

    Like so many people say..that coat color is awesome. I love her skin…like porcelain. Cool how so many skin colors in the world, and so much beauty in each one! She has a cool double finger ring on. I like interesting rings. hard to find these days. I think the only fault in her outfit (i’m such a critic 😉 is her earrings. Although timeless, somehow I think something else could fit her better. I think they distract from her face and interesting lips!

  3. Hanneli

    I agree with you The Photodiarist! I just asumed Evan John More ment it’s prettier with fair skin than spray on tan and overly tanned skin.

  4. The Photodiarist

    Mr. Evan John Moone – only in your humble opinion will fair skin be the most beautiful. Beautiful people and skin comes in all colors — thanks god.

  5. Sara

    How beautiful is this girl?! Hanneli not only do you take great pictures and have a eye for details and clothing, but your objects are always ethereal and beautiful.

  6. Signy

    Yes you’re right the contrast is striking. I want a coat like that, even if green isn’t my color.

  7. Lucia

    She is so effortless and pretty. I love her coat, does anyone know where it’s from?
    Love your blog Hanneli, you’re such an inspiration.