A perfect way to show a resort collection – have a rooftop party with organic ice cream, happy and beautiful people and drinks. I told Stella McCartney how much I loved her collection and she told me how much she loved my overalls, and then I got to take her picture. The collection had such cute and feminine cuts and a beautiful color palette in all shades of nude pinks.

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42 Responses to “STELLA MCCARTNEY”

  1. carl sole

    Very beautiful like an English Rose paul must be so proud of what Stella as achived so far in her life… awesome!

  2. Elisha

    What a stunning image of Stella. The light is beautiful – as with all your photos – and she looks so beautiful too. It is the best photo I have seen of her.

  3. Ingunn

    Jeg synes at du er en så flink fotograf, det er veldig inspirerende. Hadde vært interessant å visst hva slags kamera du bruker? Er fotointeressert selv. Liker stilen på bildene dine veldig, veldig godt.
    (Beautiful picture, I love Hannelis photographing)
    Keep up the good work! 🙂


  4. Laura

    I agree with Erica above this is possibly the best pic I’ve ever seen of her….you captured something special!

  5. Erica

    This is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen of Stella!! You captured her warmth and beauty so good. There is also something very calm and peaceful over this picture. Flink fotograf 🙂 🙂

  6. Dawn

    I never realized how beautiful she really is. What a great picture!

  7. stephanie

    Hi, I just wanted to know what camera and lens you use. I love you’re pictures!

  8. Gon

    She’s so beautiful, love the her hair in this particular picture! ;D

    Dimogonda blog

  9. agnes

    love love her! she makes the most beautiful clothes! great style and colors! amazing image!

  10. céci

    Wow. So strange, you look at her eyes and you see Paul in the second, don’t you? Very nice shot.