I met this beautiful and extraordinary woman at Pitti Uomo in Florence. I love her strong haircut with the undercut and straight bang. Her blouse is sweet and innocent looking, as are the baby blue pants and jacket. The sweetness of her clothes is beautifully counterbalanced by her coral-red nails.

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30 Responses to “BABY BLUE YOU’RE ON MY MIND”

  1. Amy

    Hi Hanneli, this is not just a beautiful woman, this is probably the youngest and talented hat designers that Italy, or the world in general, has given us. She is Federica Moretti and if u check her website u’ll know what i’m talking about 😉

  2. yanyan

    Hi – I was at Pitti Uomo too, but I didn’t see anybody quite so interesting! It was mostly men in nice suits, such a yawn. Next time you’re in Florence we should have an aperitvo!


  3. Susanna-Cole

    P.S. Sorry, forgot to add that what I think I love most about her whole look, is how it seems like something I haven’t seen before, and that is incredibly difficult feat to accomplish in today’s age and times.

  4. Susanna-Cole

    Oh my goodness, her haircut, her unsymmetrical ear piercings, the septum piercing, the nail polish, mixed with the innocence of her ensemble and the soft colors, all around amazing, amazing look.


  5. kylie

    that haircut… no one would ever try it but that lady made it cool

  6. Mireia


    Are you crazy or maybe it’s me!!!

  7. DDFM

    Lovely photo. She looks very soft and ladylike but I love the contrast with the hard core piercings and the haircut.

    Very beautiful woman.

  8. Andrea

    I love the way she pulls off the septum piercing and the one ear gauge… not to mention HER HAIR!

  9. Esther

    wonderfully described 🙂 amazing colours, that light sky blue, pure white & pop of coral pink!

  10. FashionLifeCoach

    I am totally flashed. Something is wrong or it is just the ulimate mix.Somehow the outfit and the girl are so contradictionary to each other, but yet an awsome ensemble.

  11. Jess

    love the contrast of the different elements

    by the way…typo? i don’t think “innocent ass” is quite what you’re going for

  12. Karoline A

    Veldig kul look, Hanneli, men nå er det på tide å lese korrektur. Det heter “as well” ikke “ass well”. Det blir rumpe vet du! Ser mange ganger små skrivefeil her og der, så det er noe du burde jobbe med.
    Ellers vil jeg bare si at jeg elsker bildene du legger ut!