How adorable is it possible to look! I like how she put the colorful silky turban with easy daywear. And those knitted shorts are perfect.

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57 Responses to “SO DAMN CUTE”

  1. Moda di Andrea

    Since you are often in Paris you might know the exact meaning of “n’importe quoi!” or “avoir l’air tarte”. This is what this look inspires me as a comment.

  2. Carine

    Amazing look!
    it’s a Prada silk scarf: I had completely forgotten I got this stuff at home 🙂

  3. Pernille

    Do you happen know where the shorts are from? They are brilliant! 🙂

  4. madame M

    Your comment is just perfect, nothing to add…Oooh yes! I love the game between the different colors of this outfit. They reflect the incredible nature of this young lady personality: shiny and sweet.

  5. Eva

    I’d love to get my hands on some knitted shorts… although I probably couldn’t wear them for another five months…

  6. Ana Thalissa

    I never thought that a turbant could be so wearable and so cute!! =)