This is such a good idea! But I would have saved my Prada knit from this fate if I owned one.

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53 Responses to “SHRED IT”

  1. Summer

    This image sparked some inspiration… I went to the thrift store, bought a sweater for $4, and made my own! Amazo!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Hanneli. xo

  2. anni

    the knit is soo adorable!
    and the haircut..If I wouldn’t have such long hair,I would make an appointment with my hairstyler immediately ♥

    do you may know where she got the knit from?

  3. Yyyy

    she is a fashion buyer for London Feathers, that coulbe probably be a damaged returned faulty sample from Prada.

  4. Downtowner

    Love her “guilty as charged” expression, but I too would have saved the sweater. After a few wearings, she’s going to be left with a ball of yarn! (And how would you possibly clean this without destroying it?)

  5. Alexandersson

    I’m positive on positive things ; ) So I agree – what I like most is her haircut, too!!

  6. The_Dark_Lady_2

    I love her boots – very cool.

    If it’s a handknit, it will take quite a while to disintegrate from the bottom up. It’s a very traditional aran design that’s been around for a couple of centuries. Are you serious that this is a Prada piece?

    I don’t like to see hand made things being destroyed. Reserve vandalism for cheap man made stuff – that’s the sort of garment that might be improved with a pair of shears.

  7. Tabatha

    It still looks cute..You shouldn’t be so negative. I like he rboots.

  8. mustownmore

    So fabulous. I love how she’s taken an item that can be a bit restricting and over structured and deconstructed it to perfection! And her grin tells me she’s having a hell of a lot of fun taking scissors to her clothes.

    Will be keeping an eye open for sweaters to chop into because this is so awesome.

  9. Birthe

    Jeg vil bare tipse deg om en ny nettbutikk i Norge som selger vintage designer klær – Vi låner ut klær, sko, vesker og tilbehør til stylister i tilegg til salg. Sjekk den ut da 🙂