How amazing are her wide and shortly cropped linen pants! I’m a total fan of this girl, she does not really care but has a sense of what fits her body and a great sense of color and interesting cuts. It’s like she fell out of a cool indie movie.

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46 Responses to “SHORT CROPS”

  1. Brigitte

    I saw this post when you first uploaded it and it’s stuck with me since. I’m not sure why but I think that this is the perfect outfit. Although I love fashion, i often feel very self conscious in wearing the bright coloured, short, tighter outfits that pervade the Tuileries at fashion week. I think people have forgotten the elegance inherent within dressing simply, not so tightly strung. when you wear linen pants, you get creases. that’s life.

  2. rosini

    I absolutely agree with you, she totally rocks it, and the face, the hair, attitude… indeed, she does look like she fell out of a cool indie movie. I am so bored with all those fashion victims in every other blog.

  3. Loulune

    I liked the controversy you created with this picture 🙂 And I like to stop by to get some inspiration on your blog even if the high-end fashion and luxury items are not something I am crazy about.

  4. Mija

    I love your blog, Hanneli! Thaks for inspiration and sharing 🙂 But this time I totally disagree – yeah, it`s a matter of taste, but that girl just looks uncomfortatible (and unfresh) in those clothes.. and I think it doesn`t fit her figure. But I like the girl – natural and simple.

  5. Voza

    You got the right eye to feel how strong this girl image is. I am usually bored of Fashion blogs showing perfectly put together trends. It is refreshing to see you capture beauty beyond the marks ser by the the industry you are in. What I like the most about her is that she is a character with so many layers and shades. Brilliant story through clothes, hair, accessories and that regard.

  6. karleise

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  7. Diana Pim

    I must say , in my humble opinion, that I dont think this picture is not worthy of your blog.

    The girl just doesnt care what she’s wearing, there is no style in this outfit: the top is poor and the pants are wrinkled, the shoes are old and descolored.

    Sorry for my arch comments, but as I admire your taste and enjoy your posts I just cant leave without saying what I think!

    Thanks and keep your good work

    Diana P

  8. Laura B

    Dear Hanneli,
    I really like your blog and especially your dress style. I love the minimalism of your outfits and the mix of textures and I like how many times you wear cool Acne items…And also the fact that you like Cos, an affordable very stylish brand.
    But I must say, this outfit completed with the fit…is really putting me off. I´m sorry, but in my opinion the fit is so far from perfect..That particular blouse without a bra is a no-go…just does not look well (apart from the fact that the blouse does not look well in itself)…and the pants..I would never consider wearing a high waisted pants if I had a hint of lunch showing on my abs (which is why I rarely wear them)…I am by no means trying to promote skinniness, nor expensive styling, but I think each body shape can look very good with the right clothes…which is not the case, in this case…but this is just my opinion.
    And yes the outfit is carefree…like a million other carefree outfits I see on the street every day…but that does not equate to stylish nor good fit..

    Also, this being your personal opinion, I can not argue with it of course, each one has different ways of interpreting style. But having a comments section (which I never used bfr) allowed me to place as well my opinion about the picture you enclosed above.

  9. Jhet

    Who is that girl? Well spotted Hanneli. Most bloggers wouldn’t have noticed how genious she and her outfit is. Thanks for the daily imspiration. I can look at your posts forever.

  10. MIA

    SUPER COOL! Love this, it’s so different and exactly the look I want to go for this summer. Thank you Hanneli for all the inspiration you put out in the world!

  11. Monique Sherman

    I want to look like this cool girl! She should be part of the cast of Girls…

  12. Thessa

    You photograph a cool mix of high fashion and inspiring people. Your blog is on my must read list every day! Thank you Hanneli!

  13. Lola

    I really like very much your style, your taste, Hanneli.. Indeed your blog is one of my favorites although your entries are not so many ones as in anothers… But watching this choice of yours one question comes to my kind… Have you driven crazy or is this some kind of psychological test, maybe a joke, the jet lag…? yeahhh it seems from an indie movie, very indie with no money at all… Gosh…

  14. Andrea

    hi 🙂
    I´m a fan of the effordless style too … the more a style looks effordless the more it´s skilfull

  15. Rute Marta

    can you, please, share her site? i’m really interested.

    by the way – your blog is so simple, elegant and fine. thank you for that.
    i wish you patience for tomorrow :>

  16. Emma

    I’m totally loving the very 70s, effortless look this girl is wearing. The knit, the pants, the hair and nearly no makeup is perfect for summer!