A while back I styled and shot these for on location in Palma de Mallorca, the theme being rainbow colored jeans. I had a blast doing it and I hope you like them.

1. Shirt by Rory Beca, tie dye sweater by Wilt, sunglasses by Ralph Lauren, shorts by J Brand and boots by Alexander Wang.

2. Electric blue shirt by Equipmentbright orange shorts by J Brand and lipstick by MAC in “Morange” color.

3. Shirt by Rory Beca, jeans by Ksubi and boots by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.

4. Top by Topshopshorts by J Brand and sunglasses by Ralph Lauren.


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90 Responses to “SHOPBOP + HANNELI”

  1. ...alkai...

    Hanelli.. You are Awsome. I’m speechless when I’m reading/watching Your blog. I’ malso going to follow You:*



  2. Ulrika

    Love love LOVE the second picture ! Not that there’s anything wrong with the others – the bright colours and the chic look combined just melt my heart.

    I just got to say, I adore your style. You’re such an inspiration to me 🙂

  3. Xyryl

    Ooooooooooooooo. The second picture is what caught my interest in a flash. I love the color blocking of blue and orange. Very collaborating much.

  4. Alex

    this is stunning! the colors are captivating and the looks are both classic and unique simultaneously.

  5. Naina

    Wow Hanneli, these outfits are absolutely fabulous. My favorite is the second look, love how your lips match the jeans. Perfectly styled!

  6. Anne

    Så vakre farger og kombinasjoner! Du inspirerer meg så mye!!!!! Du er en mester å kompinere plagg og ser så vakker ut i alle bildene. Det beste er at jeg får ideer å kombinere mine egne klær på nye måter. Takk!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Emilie

    You’re ability to find the most creative but totally sweet color pairings and your uncanny sense of style are really special. I having extreme difficulty settling on my favorite look but I’m cheating and picking the last two. I want to dress like that all the time!

  8. NIke

    Helt fantastiskt! Sista bilden visar verkligen vilken extrem modekänsla du har 🙂

  9. Tassos P

    I love your shorts, your Wilt tie dye sweater and those Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony booties!
    You look great dear.

  10. Jane

    I think I’d give up a kidney to have legs like yours. Even for a weekend! Gorgeousness. Love the orange shorts with the blue silk blouse and the perfectly orange lip color.

  11. fashion suicides

    Oh, wow, I especially love the pink pants with the dark bleu silk shirt! I just got some pants alike at New Look and I’m definitely going to pair them with a bleu silk shirt! You look so beautiful, btw!


  12. puraseta

    yep. the pictures are a blast of colour with the neutral backgraound, the sand, sea and sky. Makes me dreamy,

  13. BerryHaute

    I remember seeing these a while back! I wondered why you never mentioned or included them in your blog. Really neat pics, I love the one on the beach.

  14. Javier Sendín

    Everytime I see you wearing those beautiful Opening Ceremony boots my heart falls more and more in love with them and with you.
    Nice looks, the third one is -obviously haha- my favourite.

  15. hhumh

    looks great to me, and i don’t even like this rainbow jeans trend. well done!

  16. Cylia

    love them so much. You’re such a model Hanneli! so pretty and stylish. Love to see more video’s of you about your daily life and stuff..

  17. fashionandnumber

    Just can’t get enough of you. You always make the entire outfit look so easy and effortless yet still very stylish. I love the first sweater but found out that it’s already sold out! Hopefully I can find a similar one soon. 😉

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  18. Bec

    my god you’re good. each one is so different within the theme, it’s genius and beautiful.