This shirt is just too good, it’s from Helmut Langs Holiday/ Resort 2010 collection.

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48 Responses to “SHEER”

  1. Ruthy

    The model looks like Amelia Jennings from Australia and the photograph’s lighting is impeccable!


  2. Julie Bergmann

    Hvor er det et fantastisk smukt billede! Lyset, pigen, det hele.

  3. sara

    Hi! Hanneli did you know that your name is completely Finnish? Your surname “Mustaparta” means “Blackbeard” in finnish. You wouldn’t happen to have some roots in Finland would you? Just curious. All beautiful pictures and a great blog you have!

  4. LH

    jeg likte virkelig det lyse bildet og hun jenta var virkelig nydelig, hanneli.

  5. i love

    This photo is just too good, it’s from Hanneli!

    bloggen din er fantastisk, en evig favoritt!