I am against animals bred and killed solely for their fur. That’s why I always wanted a sheepskin fur, cause how many sheep are killed for the use of their meat and the fur just gets thrown away for nothing? Except for Ikea’s “Ludde”. At least get a use of everything since they are already being killed. The coat is Margiela and is a re-design of a 60’s coat, my pants are Ksubi, bag Yvonne Koné for Bonne Gout, shoes by Aldo, silver feather ring by “By Me”, turqouis ring and snake ring are vintage.

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21 Responses to “SHEEPSKIN FUR COAT”

  1. Benedicte

    I look you photos in “Glamour”.
    You very Beautiful.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE, You Photos.

    I’m Benedicte . I’m Frensh

  2. Maeko

    I am all about Faux fur… lately the furry look has captivated me. Thankfully I got my faux fur Rick Owens-esque coat last year, and have been ahead of the trend curve.

    I agree about not killing animals, but also not wasting what is already out there.

    I do not eat meat, so I go one step further in my protest, but I respect your opinion and applaud you putting it out there!

  3. Ryan

    You’re totally right about sheep being used in their entirety. We also get our sheepskin from the meat industry which has been the way for over 70 years.

    That jacket is beautiful, I wish we could stock up those for http://www.sheepskinfurs.com

  4. Evan John Moone

    What a fantastic idea for someone against leather, stylish and humane! I have 1 question for you Hanneli – Is Hanneli your real name? (What a beautiful, fab name!)

    Ok 2 questions, how did you get into the fashion industry?

    I would really appreciate it if you awnsered these questions. Deffinately putting this blog in my favourites!

    Evan John-Moone x.

  5. sarah

    Love ur style.
    Can u tell me, are ur shoes the BASTAIN? I really like them, but i can’t be shore! If they’re not, can u tell me the name?

  6. suky


    i like your style – AND your attitude :).
    it´s good that you are aware of your power as a consumer!

    but the “they are already dead” thingy is used so often by people who eat meat and wera leather…yes, the animals are already dead, but before that, thy lived in fear, painand horrible circumstances that made their lives a living hell.
    i myself wear leather and i feel bad about it, a lot. i try to get faux leather, but the selection is just bigger in leather.
    but we can all do small things to help. have some soymilk in your coffee! become a smart and sexy vegetarian! or chose a non-cruel (or a the-least-cruel :)) coat.

    thanks hanneli, you´re a beautiful role-model!