Hi fashion lovers, I know many of you are not in New York but if you happen to be here tonight, please come join me to while I will bartend alongside Phillip Lim himself from 6-7pm at the store in Soho. I will be serving my own drink cleverly named “The Must-a-PART-i” by Mr. Phillip Lim himself.

From 7.15 to 8.15 you will find me at the Coach store. I hope to see you tonight!

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16 Responses to “SEE YOU GUYS TONIGHT! #FNO”

  1. Elena

    Å så utrolig kult! hadde ikke det bare vært drømmen: NYC + fashion night out. Så dumt det bare er en drøm :-/

  2. Tara

    Hanneli, I’ve just got to tell you how beautiful you are, I know you’ve heard it before but you really are! Wish I was in New York right now, unfortunately I’m not, but some day I’ll be there! Check out my blog if you feel like, I am from Finland by the way! 😀

  3. Bella & Grace

    This is so unfair. Can you wait until we hop on a plane and fly accross from Australia? Two great events tonight in NYC – this one and the opening for Garance!

  4. TheFashionBambi

    Oh wow I would loooooove to be there too! NYC is just something else than Berlin!
    I wish you a reaaaally good time and keep us updated 😀 Looking forward to the pictures!


  5. eva

    Ooooh! I would like to be there, but there is an ocean that separates me!!
    By the way, nice cocktail name 😉

  6. Xyryl

    Thanks for the warm invite to the bar. I think I will pass this one since I’m way FARRRR. Anyway. hav fun!

  7. Els

    Hopefully in the future I can celebrate fashion’s night out in New York!! Nothing wrong with London but you have to experience NYC!! xx