I am so excited and grateful that I have three pages in the brand new “Vogue’s Best Dressed’ issue for 2011/12. Thank you, Anna Wintour and everyone at Vogue for including me, and Robert Sullivan for pulling the words out of me. I love it!

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110 Responses to “SAY WHAT?”

  1. Anneli M.

    Very well deserved 3 Vogue pages 🙂
    Girl, you loo fantastic and should be very proud of yourself!!

    PS: I quite love your name as well 😛


  2. nat.laurel

    Dear Hanneli, congratulations! Now I have to pick up the magazine before it’s swept off the shelves.

    I was doing a project that made me study a lot of your pictures and discovered something amazing that perhaps could amuse you as well. I think you are the Gloria Vanderbilt of today. The same pose, simplicity, panache and sophistication all at the same time. I will try to insert a picture collage I ended up with into the body of this comment, but in case it does not allow the html encoding, I will paste the link to the collage right below. Look forward for the developments of your career and wish you all the best.

  3. Alexandra

    Gratulerer, Hannli! Så fortjent, du er den største av de alle! Stå på!

  4. Elise

    Congrats Hanneli, you really deserve it! Does anyone knows when the issue hits the store, and if it’s going to be available internationally? x

  5. Brenda

    Congratulations! You are one of the finest bloggers, quality, not quantity, your hotly anticipated posts entice the very best of us, thats why we keep coming back for more. Well done xx

  6. vv

    Felicidades! Congratulations 🙂 I actually was reading that magazine and saw you in it last night at the nail salon! Great achivements! xoxo

  7. Anastasios

    You deserve it dear! You truly are stylish and you have a great classy taste!
    We’ve all seen major kitch bloggers hit the top for no reason.

    You are my favorite and simply one of the best by far!

  8. Chip

    Congratulations, you deserve it! The photo with the St. John dress is a classic. Well done.

  9. Sally

    That cameo ring looks especially cool with the punctuation of those cuff links… gorgeous!

  10. Linus

    Honestly, this issue seems to be so great! You, the Olsen’s, Florence & the Fanning’s all in one issue!

  11. Meagan

    I’m not surprised, you always look stunning! I noticed your photo in the magazine too. love it!

  12. Melish

    I think it is no question that you are part of the “Vogues Best Dressed”.. many women around the world are inspired by your looks and combinations that you create.. I personally, love you creative side, the way you take creation to the next step..
    Gorgeous! congrats!

  13. La Perle

    Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment, and you definitely deserve it! I love the jewelry you are wearing in the shot – the necklace is exceptional! And the bag – have been perusing all the vintage stores in Paris trying to find a fun and funky Chanel bag 🙂 looks like you have it!


  14. Kat

    I really like your hairstyle at the moment. How do you get it cut? is it layered at the back or straight?