Sasha Pivovarova in a truly amazing Rick Owens dress, I love the little knot at the bottom. I hope her jacket is fake fur.

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10 Responses to “SASHA PIVOVAROVA”

  1. Kate

    The whole fur issue is a touchy subject when it comes to fashion. Personally I don’t think there’s any reason to wear real fur. I saw a video where rabbits get skinned alive, supposedly at a factory in China where Armani has his coats made.

    It’s truly a cruel and vain act.

    The good news is that if you really like the look of leather, now there are many organic materials that look and feel just like leather and suede. I wish more designers would go this route.

  2. EmmaLouise

    Aww Sash is so qt. Fabulous outfit, and might I add, a great idea to knot a long dress like that if it’s not the right length!

    Hope that fur is fake too…

    x EmmaLouise

  3. ella

    most of the leather that comes from india is from cows that are treated very badly and they are killed only for the leather (indians do not eat beef, because cows are holy animals…) but it is weird that they think it is fine to kill them.

    I strongly recommend people to see the movie “Food inc.” it shows really well how badly all the animals are treated. In fact some of the animals bred for fur are treated much better throughout their life, because the bad treatment affects their fur.

    I do not get people, who are okay with eating meat from chicken that are fed with steroids, so that their bodies grow faster than their organs which makes them paralyzed and gives them great pain, and whine about fur, when those animals suffer much less during their life. Everyone dies eventually, isn’t it more important how they spend their life not what they die of?

  4. stine

    Hey Hanneli!
    I totally agree your statement! I’m also against fur, and i think unacceptable, that we kill innocent animals, just to get their fur. I think sheep and goat fur is okay, cause you don’t kill the animal.
    Fake fur is just as good as real fur 🙂
    that’s just my oppinion.
    Stay cool.


    Cool Izzy,I didn’t know that.

    Katy, I agree with you. But I hope you agree that It’s at least good to try to stay away from everything that’s taken from a animal. A lot of leather is taken by animals that has already been killed for it’s meat.
    I think a lot of people hesitate to take a stand with animal rights cause the extreme animal protectors are so harsh if you do any mistakes.
    I’ll do the best I can, but it’s easier to know that a fur was taken from the animal only for the reason of making a coat than to control any leather that passes me on my way. Unless it’s a sheep or goat fur.
    So please at least be positive to that I’m trying my best to help the animals rights.

  6. Katy

    Why are you ok with a leather dress and not a fur coat? Have never understood why people are ok with leather and not fur. The animal dies either way.

  7. Izzy

    The black fur looks like a faux fur collar we sell at H&M right now. Which would make sense if it’s the same since she’s been doing a lot of their ad campaigns 🙂 Such a cute outfit. I wish I was tall enough to pull of a dress that magnificent.