I realized that I’m wearing the exact same colors like I did HERE the clothes are just cut differently. The shorts are made of some kind of wonderful cracked leather by Helmut Lang, denim jacket is HL too, boots Acne “Box”, the bra is Alexander Wang and the bag is by Mulberry.

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  1. frickys

    This is a true inspiration and wish I was brave enough to pull it off! The thing I can’t take my eyes off is this aaaaaaamazing jacket!

  2. ana Garcia

    so hard to pull off! but you make it look classy and beautiful and possible.



  3. kylie

    I <3 Mulberry’s bags! It reminds me of the Dr. Suess book… Mulberry Street? Haha good times

  4. FashionCloud

    This is stunning. I don’t normally like it when women flash their bits and pieces but this looks amazing!!


  5. leyla VISIONAIRE

    loving this look hanneli!
    if you are ever in Monaco, stop by the store(check it out on my blog) i have lots of goodies!!!


  6. Elena

    Well, you ‘re one of those people who look amazing no matter what they wear so it’s no surprise to me that you look beautiful.
    I really like the way you ‘ve played with the different cuts and volume.

  7. Jill

    such a babe! i’ve been really trying to recreate the alexander wang spring 2010 look. i think this is a great play on that!

  8. cleoinlove

    i love both of the outfits:)these 3 color together is my all time fav!! and looks great on you:)

  9. Kelly Frances

    i love the color of the bag.. i wish i could get away with wearing just a bra, flawless!


  10. Viel

    Seriously, I loved this outfit! It’s so gorgeus!
    Simple, but still interesting.. Lovely colours, and of course a god damn pretty lady! 😉

  11. Viel

    Seriously, I loved this outfit! It’s so gorgeus!
    Simple, but still interesting.. Lovely colour, and of course a god damn pretty lady! 😉

  12. guillaume

    I think this outfit is too revealing… the shorts should cover your belly button.. i think

  13. Farhana Nazi

    Hanneli you look fantastic. Such an inspirational fashion-forward icon. Keep it up!

  14. AK

    But this outfit, especially the shorts, looks way better than on the other outfit! 🙂 You’re stunning in this!

  15. dana

    feelin’ it! Btw who does your hair? Looks brilliant!

    Hugs from Denmark

  16. Ganymede Girl

    I just discovered those shorts the other day while making a collage, the texture is really incredible. How do you manage to wear a midriff bearing top/bra and not look like a 90’s pop star?