Rodarte always manages to make the most brilliant shows. I love the choreography as well as the props. The collection was slightly less structured than previous collections. The corn field print is such a great idea! I love the sweater that looks like Demi Moore’s sweater in “About last night”, as well as the 50’s silhouette dresses in the thick couch like fabrics – I’m a big fan of couch fabrics as you may have seen here.

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51 Responses to “RODARTE F/W-11/12”

  1. Style Souk

    How marvellous you are, Hanneli.

    Having seen stock images for the Rodarte show, I felt torn as to whether I liked the designs. Yet, here with your beautiful pictures, I see the clothes in a new aspect and wonder how I could ever have doubted the technical and thematic brilliance of this collection.

    The corn field dresses – shown soft and fluid by your camera – are breathtaking.

    Sarah x

  2. maicen

    I am in love with this collection! The jumpsuit is amazing, I would like to have every piece.

    Wonderful post as always Hanneli!

  3. amalie

    å du tar så fiiiine bilder. elsker denne kolleksjonen! kjolene er så “dreammyyy”
    hvilket kamera har du?

  4. eva

    Absolutely lovely!!! These are real dresses for real, but beatiful women!!

  5. Sherrie

    I love Rodarte and how the Mulleavy sisters play with different textures and are so detail oriented. Gorgeous!

  6. Catherine

    I adored Rodarte this season! I loved the cornfield printed silk dresses, as well as some of the thicker, patterned ones. I can’t wait to see this collection in editorials – it looked brilliant on the runway!

  7. Alex York

    These are so beautiful, and I like how they styled models hair, so bohemian like, but not too much 🙂 It goes perfectly with the style of the clothes.