I love Miroslava Dumas red on red ensemble, and the color is in the perfect nuance – not to much blue but more orange.

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38 Responses to “RED ON RED”

  1. Cristina

    I think a red on red suit would normally be a fashion don’t… but Mira’s a true icon she can do whatever she wants!
    What kind of Ray-Bans are those?

  2. Nayuta

    I really like your photos!
    So beautiful!!

    I send you a e-mail again.
    It is very important one!
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  3. Ro

    isn’t this the same CHLOE that Penelope Cruz wore on a premiere?i absolutely prefer Miroslava! she’s gorgeous…totally chic!

  4. Shaz

    Oh my! She looks stunning. That red is gorgeous, love how she made the shoes wearable in winter with black stockings underneath. But her sunglasses take the cake, those Ray Bans are timeless and classic. Just Perfect.

  5. Holly

    Miroslava Duma is one of the few women who are just naturally fabulous, she is a true modern day inspration.
    Thankyou for sharing such beautiful images of her